Plus-Size Model Recreates Steamy Gigi Hadid Photo Shoot

Plus Sized Model Recreates Steamy Gigi Hadid Photoshoot

A plus-size model has redone Gigi Hadid’s famous Stuart Weitzman ad campaign photo, and it’s sending a message on body positivity while it takes the internet by storm.

Diana Sirokai is a London-based plus-size model on a mission to bring body positivity and self-acceptance to the fashion industry. Her message of tolerance - and her steamy photos - have already gained her over half a million followers on Instagram, and her latest shoot is likely to get her even more.

Her latest post recreates Gigi Hadid’s famous ad for Stuart Weitzman’s spring 2017 line of footwear. In it, Gigi provocatively stares at the camera while her hair and arm cover her chest with one leg placed beneath and between the other. The entirely nude photo shows off Hadid’s lithe frame while also emphasizing her silver Stuart Weitzman boots.

Diana’s recreation remains mostly faithful to the original but substitutes black boots for the original silver. Her modesty is maintained in much the same way as Hadid’s but shows off way more curves than Hadid could ever manage.


“I was just wondering how a Model My Size would look on this, “ wrote Diana, followed by a camera emoji. In one week the post has managed to gain over 25,000 likes.

WE ARE BOTH WOMEN with DIFFERENT BODIES ❤️ #Slay. @photo_karizza

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This is hardly Diana’s first time recreating iconic photos from famous models. Last September she recreated a photo Kim Kardashian wearing an all-white swimsuit. Kardashian raised both arms while presenting herself to the camera and Diana did the same, although her plunging neckline revealed far more than Kardashian ever did.

That photo racked up 35,000 likes from Diana’s many followers. She captioned the shot “"WE ARE BOTH WOMEN with DIFFERENT BODIES ❤️ #Slay".

Her September post also gained a ton of comments from her followers. One replied with “this a ‘who wore it better’? No contest LEFT! Ms D,” while another wrote, “She came she saw she slayed. #Slay #plusisequal.”

And even when some followers criticized her size, there were many more comments from followers along these lines: “You guys with this post Diana is saying no matter what you look like you can slay! All bodies types can and to say one picture is better than the other is degrading.”


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