Former Playboy Playmates Recreate Vintage Cover Shoots

Seven former Playmates from Playboy were invited to recreate their famous magazine covers. Photographed by Ben Miller and Ryan Lowrey, this photoshoot was done to celebrate beauty, sex, and the beauty of sex.

It was Hugh Hefner who once said, “Once a Playmate, always a Playmate.” This motivated his son, Cooper Hefner, who now runs the magazine empire, to ask seven former Playboy models to pose for their famous magazine covers once again. The seven former Playmates include Candace Collins, Lisa Miller, Renee Tenison, and Kimberly Conrad Hefner, Cooper’s mother. 54-year old Kimberly is now divorced from Hugh but said that she still has fond memories of her stay at the mansion.

Cooper Hefner announced in an Instagram video that the photoshoot was his Mother’s Day gift to Kimberly. In an article, Cooper said that this photoshoot was done to celebrate the spirit of women who have made Playboy what it is today. In this process, the Playboy team wants to remind everyone that beauty is ageless, sex appeal is timeless, and exuberance is eternal.

Candace Collins, 60, is the oldest of the seven former Playmates. She was 22 years old at the time of her December 1979 front cover photo. Talking proudly about it, she said that she felt very lucky to be a part of the Playboy sorority.

Via: ireporter.ga
Via: ireporter.ga

Lisa Matthews who was called the All-American Girl back in June 1991 looked ageless in the image she re-created in 2017, 26 years later. Lisa described how one photoshoot changed her entire life. People started recognizing her and would come up to her to take photographs.

Renee Tenison was the first African-American model to become Playmate of the Year in 1990. The photo attracted a lot of controversies, but she saw posing naked as an art. Renee was only 22 back then, and she is 49 now.

It might have been awkward for Cooper to ask his mother, Kimberly Conrad Hefner to pose for the photo series, but she did a great job. It is difficult to spot a difference between the two photos which are 28 years apart.

This recreation gave everyone a good reality check: beauty cannot be measured; it comes from within.


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