Pizza's Got A New Look: It's The Mammoth Pizza Cake

Boston Pizza, a popular Canadian pizza chain, is about to blow up the pizza culture and put it back together again - in their own unique way. Us pizza enthusiasts often get heated about the merits of a  thin and crispy base over a deep dish, or - if you're really kooky - alfredo sauce over the classic tomato. But now, if Boston Pizza's 'game changers' do in fact succeed in changing the pizza game, we might be looking at a whole new set of conundrums.

With their 'Pizza Game Changers' project, Boston Pizza are offering a whole array of pizza-themed (some more loosely themed than others, it has to be said) innovations. The general public have free reign to vote for their favourite, and the most popular innovation will become a fixture of Boston Pizza's menu. This week, the innovations have caused a veritable media storm. But what's all the fuss about? With products like pizza car freshener, pizza flavoured mints, pizza burgers and pizza tacos on the game changing menu, perhaps we're all feeling a little confused, our expectations overthrown or surpassed. But new need not be bad! We've picked a few of our favourites among the fantastical innovations...

Pizza Cake

A Pizza Pie? Not for Boston Pizza's hungry crowd. They're committing to a much larger feast, with the Pizza Cake. With layers upon layers of pizza, conveniently held together in a fat crust, this is the dream birthday cake for the pizza enthusiast. Sure, it should probably come with a health warning, but it looks yummy. We're just wondering if we can request different toppings on every layer...?

Gas Powered Pizza Cutter

Perhaps cutting pizza with your manual - dare we say retro? - cutter is a little too energy intensive for you. After all, we order pizza when we're too tired to cook and who needs the extra stress? Nab a 'four-stroke two-horsepower engine and steel-alloy cutting blade' to take the toil out of slicing your pizza pie. Or, don't...

Pizza Pocket

A pizza pocket is a nifty little cone-shaped pocket, just the right size to house a spare pizza slice. Granted, it's not practical for anything other than a pizza slice (and, is it really practical at that? We envision some unfortunate grease stains) but it's a cute, refreshing change from your average rectangular breast pocket. Wear one of these shirts and brand yourself as a pizza lover and proud.

Sriracha Chicken Pizza

Ok, this one is a less controversial move. Sriracha Pizza sounds like an excellent idea (we already add it at home, why not order our pizza pre-doused in the addictive stuff?) but Boston Pizza have gone one better and removed your tomato sauce, replacing it with Sriracha. And there's Sriracha chicken on top, too. Mouth watering!

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