Photos Of Woman Who Spent $25,000 On Surgery To Look Like Barbie

46-year old Barbie lover and London resident Rachel Evans spent over $25,000 on plastic surgery to look like Barbie. Evans is a single mother from southeast London who modified, among other things, the corners of her lips surgically in such a way that it looks like she is constantly smiling. Rachel is one of the three women who are going to appear on OMG: My Barbie Body on Channel 5.

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Rachel has been undergoing plastic surgeries for over 11 years in a bid to look like the famous plastic doll. She has undergone a cheek augmentation, breast augmentation, jaw tightening, and a nose job. Rachel says that she feels like Barbie, thinks like Barbie, and she and Barbie are practically the same person.

The single mother of one who is now blonde was into Gothic fashion 15 years ago. Rachel had black hair then, but she caught Barbie fever. Evans now goes to the gym five days a week to maintain her Barbie figure. The socialite also blogs about her lifestyle on her website.

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Rachel says that she is on the show OMG: My Barbie Body to find her real-life Ken. On the program, Rachel said that she thought she’d found her life partner, but it was all a spoof. Despite that incident, Rachel has decided to continue living like a real life Barbie. She recreated the vacant doll look in a photoshoot where she poses just like the plastic doll.

Rachel appears on the show along with another mother-of-one, Kerry, who is from Essex. She claims to be the only Barbie in Britain and has spent over $127,000 on plastic surgery. Kerry said that if her husband, Darren, asks her to choose between her marriage and her Barbie lifestyle, she will choose the latter one. Darren said that the secret to a happy married life is keeping your partner happy. He said that he supported his wife in her transformation.

The third participant of the show, Jade, thinks that men look at her as if she is a piece of meat because she has big breasts and blonde hair. She works as a webcam performer but dreams to become a Playboy model.

The OMG: My Barbie Life premieres on Channel 5 on June 25.

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