Photos Of Houston After Hurricane Harvey Show A City Under Water

Hurricane Harvey has pounded Houston over the last few days leaving the city basically under water. Photos of the damage are completely devastating, while the stories of the people of Houston are heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.

Vox recently posted a photo essay of Houston, a once vibrant city that is now submerged in flood water. Each shot is shocking, especially the before and after pictures. Readers get to see what the city looked like before Harvey’s wrath last Friday, as well as what it looks like now with water everywhere.


This catastrophic hurricane has already dumped over one foot of water, with more to come. Highways have become rivers, and parks have become lakes. One photo shows a sign that indicates the height of the floodwater in one area. The sign reads 12 feet. Another is a Tweet that shows two different shots of HOBBY airport, where the runways are completely covered with water. In fact, unless it said in the post that it was a view of a certain runway, there would be no way to tell what it was before the flooding.

Along with the photos of the devastating flooding, social media has been inundated with posts of courageous rescues and people coming together to help. One photo shows rescuers saving an old lady in a wheelchair. While another shot shows a rescuer carrying a distraught woman. It is not just people coming together for other people. There are plenty of pictures of people saving the many animals of Houston.


Hurricane Harvey is being called as catastrophic as Katrina and based on all the photos, it is. A city under water is the only way to describe Houston right now. The photos emerging on the news and social media are proof of that. As the days go on, more engaging images will continue to be released, the flooding is definitely not over yet.

If you want to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, you can see a full list of places to donate right here. As Little Big Town once said God Bless Texas.

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