So Many People Are Eating Laundry Pods The Government Asked Them To Stop

So Many People Are Eating Laundry Pods The Government Asked Them To Stop

An internet meme has prompted on country’s government to issue its citizens a stern warning on the dangers of laundry pods.

And it’s not even an initial warning. The issue is so prevalent that this is actually the second time the Canadian government felt the need to warn residents not to eat laundry pods.

Laundry pods may look delicious with their bright colors and scintillating coatings, but contained inside are powerful detergents that are definitely not good to eat. And yet, because they look like candy, the internet is nuts for these things.

How nuts? Let’s take a look at a few examples of laundry pod memes making the rounds on social media.


First, a high-quality photo edit of Tide Laundry Pod flavored Oreos. It may look like delicious confectionery, but don’t be fooled: it’s actually poison.

Next up laundry pod Hot Pockets. At least the packaging had the right idea with writing “the forbidden fruit” on the box.

Those without photoshop skills can still get in on the action. Here’s an example of a man (and let’s be honest, only a man would think to do this) putting laundry pods on a frozen pizza. The end result of this is something I’m sure would look far less appetizing.

Not to be outdone, Health Canada, the department of the Canadian government that oversees national health concerns, issued its own version of the meme but with an actual warning attached to it.

The warning is primarily aimed at children, but stupid adults should take note: laundry pods are no joke. They contain chemicals that are way too powerful for the human body to deal with.

According to the Health Canada website, eating laundry pods can cause nausea, vomiting, coughing, choking, breathing trouble, and stomach pain. Bursting one open and getting the soap on your skin can cause rashes, skin irritation, and really hurt your eyes. Like, way worse than getting shampoo in there.

Always keep laundry pods out of reach of children, and if a kid ever eats one call poison control or 911 immediately.


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