Paul Abrahamian Of 'Big Brother 19' Angrily Responds To Fan Criticisms

Paul Abrahamian of 'Big Brother 19' Responds to Fan Criticisms. Big Brother 19 seemed like it was Abrahamian’s season. He had nearly the whole cast following blindly in his footsteps, he was winning competitions, and since he was a veteran, he had added experience under his belt. However, poor jury management led to him being “a bridesmaid once again,” as Big Brother host Julie Chen so accurately put it, as he lost to Josh Martinez and became runner-up for the second time.

Many fans of Big Brother did not like how season 19 played out. Competitions were repeatedly thrown, cast members weren’t following the "Have Not rules", and Abrahamian’s puppetmaster ways made the game way too predictable. Abrahamian spoke out about fan criticisms during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and he seems to believe he did nothing wrong.

When asked what he believes happened, Abrahamian responded, “I don't know, dude. The jury was pissed. I did what I did and had to face 16 people and I was the only vet. I don't know what they expected me to do other than swindle my way to the top. I don't know why they couldn't see the strategy, and I thought Josh was the perfect person to be up against because there wasn't much strategy to his gameplay.”




Many cast members of previous seasons of Big Brother were not too fond of Abrahamian’s gameplay either, and often made their opinions of him known through Twitter. After being told that he didn’t have much support from Big Brother alumni, Abrahamian said, “I didn't know that. They were talking sh*t? To all the alumni talking shit, I highly suggest you go on a season being the only vet. I'm pretty sure almost all of you who are talking sh*t have never made it to the final two. Check the stats, bro! (Laughs.) I don't know why they don't like me, but I don't really care.”

Regardless of what viewers saw from the outside, many of the castmates inside the house were blind to Abrahamian’s backstabbing ways. He chalks that down to his mastery of social gameplay, but also said that it led players to believe that he would throw his own game for their sake, which he regarded by saying, “If you expect me to throw my game away for you, then you're just playing yourself.”

It was clear that Abrahamian was painted as the villain of Big Brother 19, but was he actually a villain? Or was he just playing the Big Brother game? Abrahamian said, “I wasn't the villain. I just came back to play a game. I don't know what you guys expected me to do. Did you want me to come back as the only vet and just hold hands with everybody? In order to beat them, I had to beat them. I came here to play a game. My fans would be more upset with me if I threw away my game than play the way I did.”

Abrahamian’s semi-irritated responses show he’s got quite a bit of anger about losing Big Brother 19, even though he has now won a massive sum of $100k from playing this past year.

While Big Brother is normally a summer-only show, it was announced that Celebrity Big Brother will be coming this winter, so we won’t have to wait too long to meet the show’s newest house guests and once again prepare to “expect the unexpected.”


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