See Paris Hilton Cosplay As Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton dressed up as Kim Kardashian West for the latest season of Kanye’s fashion line, and the resemblance is uncanny.

It takes a certain amount of narcissism to get a bunch of models to dress up as yourself to advertise your husband’s fashion line, but that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian West did. She enrolled the help of several models to become Kim-clones and post the photos on their social media accounts, starting with Paris Hilton.

First, the comparison shots. Check out the Yeezy website (that’s Kanye’s fashion line, in case you didn’t know) to get a bunch of snapshots of Kim strutting her stuff in her hubby’s clothes. Why anyone would pay $500-$1200 for stuff you can get in a flea market boggles the mind, but that’s just the world of high fashion for you.

Anyway, now let’s check out Paris, who replicated the exact same photos right down to the silvery hair. Can you tell the difference? Didn’t think so.

Kim even gave a nod to Paris for doing her a solid and even gave her the “OG” accolade. That’s “original” in case you didn’t know. Does this mean that Paris did her photoshoot first, or is Kim referring to the fact that Paris might have been the original high-society reality TV star on The Simple Life?

Paris wasn’t the only one. Kim hired a bunch of models to become her clones, starting with Jordyn Wood.


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Next up we have Miami-based model Yovanna Ventura.

Abigail Ratchford also got in on the action with these shots from her home in Beverly Hills.

And finally the Clermont Twins, Shannon and Shannade Clermont, based in NYC.



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The Clemont sisters also did some less-clothed shots, mirroring Kim’s equally racy photos posted on her Instagram. You’ll have to go to their Instagram page to take a peak.


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See Paris Hilton Cosplay As Kim Kardashian