5 Other 'Kevin Spaceys' In Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment story was just the beginning for Hollywood. Since the news broke in October, a number of other A-list stars and powerful behind the scenes moguls in Hollywood have been accused of the same bad behavior.

Actor Kevin Spacey is at the top of that list, with multiple accusations against him of sexual harassment and assault. While his and Weinstein’s stories may be making the most headlines, they are certainly not alone when it comes to those that have abused their power in Hollywood. As the conversation changes and more people are choosing to speak out against such behavior, the list keeps growing. Check out the below list of other “Kevin Spacey’s” in Hollywood.


Steven Seagal

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The list of accusers keeps growing for actor Steven Seagal, Actresses Portia de Rossi and Rae Dawn Chong both shared that he exposed himself to them during separate auditions. The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies revealed he had a gun during their private meeting in a hotel room to show her that he was in control. Inside Edition host Lisa Guerrero told her story of having to audition for him in his home while he was wearing only a robe. She also revealed that he often referred to women reporters as dumb c-word’s. Jenny McCarthy came forward in 2010 opening up about how he told her to get naked on the film Under Siege during a private meeting. Seagal has not yet responded to any of the allegations made against him.


James Toback

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Multiple women have come forward to accuse Hollywood writer and director James Toback of sexual harassment in claims that go all the way back to the 1990’s. Former As The World Turns actress Terri Conn, accused the director of humping her leg during a meeting in Central Park. Writer and actress Sari Kamin told her story in a Los Angeles Times piece claiming Toback asked her to undress during her audition to see how she handled a sexual scene. However, once she did, he began to touch himself. The article claims his go-to move was that he needed to get to know an actress before putting her in a film. However, the getting to know process allegedly then involved some sort of misconduct. He has denied all accusations against him.


Brett Ratner

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Director Brett Ratner has been accused of forcing oral sex on a woman, touching himself in front of a woman, talking crudely to women and now assault, just to name a few of the allegations against him. While actresses Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge accused him of inappropriate sexual misconduct, former Endeavor Talent Agency employee Melanie Kohler wrote in a Facebook post that Ratner assaulted her. Through his attorney Martin Singer, he has completely denied all allegations. In fact, Kohler was forced to take the post down after he hit her with a defamation suit but that did not stop her from talking to ABC News. Despite his denial, Ratner stepped away from his activities at Warner Brothers until all of his personal issues are resolved.


Ed Westwick

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Gossip Girl alum Ed Westwick is the latest Hollywood star to be accused of harassment as allegations of Assault now plague him. Actress Kristina Cohen used Facebook to share her story of how the actor assaulted her as she took a nap in his home. As the Los Angeles Police department opened an investigating into Cohen’s claims, actress Aurélie Wynn also used social media to accuse the actor of assault. Wynn alleges the actor also assaulted her when she was visiting his home. She even reveals she told then boyfriend Glee star Mark Sailing about the assault. However, he encouraged her to keep quiet and then broke up with her. Westick used social media to deny both claims, insisting he does not know either of his accusers.

Jeremy Piven

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As of now, three women have come forward accusing Wisdom of The Crowd star Jeremy Piven of harassment. Reality star Ariane Bellamar used Twitter to share that he groped her on the set of Entourage and at the Playboy Mansion. Soon, actress Cassidy Freeman took to Instagram to reveal that the actor had made unwanted advances towards her. Although she does not go into detail, she stressed that she was “far too young” when it happened. Piven denied the allegations calling them “appalling. ”However, not long after his denial, Tiffany Bacon Scourby, told People magazine that he exposed himself to her and ejaculated on her clothing. The actor has not yet commented on the claims made by Scourby.


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