5 Other 'Harvey Weinsteins' In Hollywood

Though the onslaught of sexual harassment and assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein be seemingly never-ending, he is certainly not the only Hollywood power player guilty of making unwanted and unlawful advances towards women.

As Oprah posted on Facebook, "This is the story of one predator and his many victims. But it is also a story about an overwhelming systemic enabling, and until that story is fully told we will fall far short of stopping future depredations on a similar scale." Here are five other film industry members whose behavior has been blasted by women.

Casey Affleck

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Casey Affleck was sued by producer Amanda White and cinematographer Magdalena Gorka in 2010 for sexual harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. White alleged that Affleck was constantly discussing his “sexual exploits” during the filming of “I’m Still Here,” a mockumentary starring Joaquin Phoenix. She also claimed that Affleck directed a crew member to expose himself to her. On another occasion, Affleck tried to get her to stay in his hotel room. When she refused, he “grabbed her in a hostile manner in an effort to intimidate her into complying.” Gorka, on the other hand, alleged that Affleck got in her bed while she was sleeping. When she woke up, “he had his arm around her, was caressing her back, his face was within inches of hers and his breath reeked of alcohol.” He reacted aggressively when she asked him to leave the room. Gorka recalls the incident as “the most traumatizing of her career.” Though all parties eventually reached a settlement, the reputation for inappropriate sexual behavior still follows Affleck.


Steven Seagal

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Steven Seagal was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct by actress Lisa Guerrero, who says in 1996, Segal asked her to audition for a part in Fire Down Below at his home. When she arrived with a friend, he was wearing a silk robe. After they left, her manager told her that if she wanted the part, she’d have to return to Segal’s home that evening. In 1998, Jenny McCarthy says that when she auditioned for "Under Siege 2," Segal repeatedly asked her to take off her dress. In 2010, Seagal was accused of sexual harassment and illegal sex trafficking by his personal assistant.


Roman Polanski

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Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown director Roman Polanski faced several sexual assault charges. In 1977, Samantha Gailey, a 13-year-old high school student claims Polanski drugged her, took advantage of her, and sodomized her. Before sentencing, the director escaped to Europe, where he’s lived ever since. In 2010, British actress Charlotte Lewis accused Polanski of “forcing himself” on her when she was sixteen. Another woman, who chose to only be identified as Robin, claims that Polanski sexually assaulted her in 1973 when she was also sixteen.


Roy Price

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Amazon studio head Roy Price was accused by The Man in the High Castle executive producer Isa Hackett of incessantly propositioning her and making obscene comments at Comic-Con in 2014. Actress Rose McGowan also claims that Price ignored her when she claimed Harvey Weinstein assaulted her. Price has been indefinitely suspended from his post at Amazon.

R. Kelly

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R. Kelly, who has contributed music to films such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, Batman & Robin, Space Jam, and Ali, has been repeatedly accused of sexually abusing young women. In 2002, a video reportedly showed the singer-songwriter urinating on an underage girl. That same year, he was indicted on 14 counts of inappropriate material of a minor after another video surfaced of him with an underage girl. In 2017, several women came forward alleging that Kelly kept them as slaves, limiting their freedom to move, use the phone, eat and even use the bathroom.


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