Online Poker Player Loses MILLIONS In Shocking Loss

It is almost unbelievable that someone could lose (and the opponent could win) $4 million in an online poker game.

Online casinos are becoming as popular as real ones because they offer the convenience of playing from anywhere at any time. Nowadays, there are online games and tournaments where huge payouts in the multiple millions are available.

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We are used to millions in payouts to the winner of poker tournaments for those world-class players, who play in-person in Las Vegas. Losing millions online is a different thing altogether because it may happen while playing from the comfort of your own home or office.



Benj Spragg, who goes by the online nickname of “Spraggy,” entered a high-stakes poker tournament sponsored by Poker All Stars that had 6,500 players when the online game started. USA Today reported about the “bad beat,” which defeated him and showed the video Spraggy posted on Twitter of the hand that knocked him out of the game. Spraggy came in 22nd place out of the 6,500 players.

The tournament was amazing for Spraggy.

Via Poker All Stars

There were many cliff-hanging moments during his rise towards the top of the pack; however, the last hand he played was a doozy.


He was dealt a King of Clubs and a Three of Clubs. His opponent was dealt a King of Diamonds and a Four of Spades. The “flop” made by the dealer of the cards, which both players can use to make a total of a five-card hand, was dealt as King of Spades—King of Hearts—Seven of Spades, and then a Three of Spades.

At this point, before the final card, called the “river,” was to be dealt, Spraggy had a full house of three Kings and two Threes. He was worried that he could be beaten by a flush if his opponent’s hand was all spades or a by a higher level of a full house.

His opponent, Fintan, had three Kings and a Four. A full house beats three-of-a-kind. Nevertheless, his opponent raised his bet, hoping to draw another spade card for a flush. This raised the pot to over $1.7 million. And then, Spraggy raised his bet as well. Fintan went “All-in,” betting everything he had. To continue, Spraggy had to go All-in as well. He did, which raised the pot to over $4 million.


The final card was dealt. It was a Four! This meant that Spraggy had King – King – King – Three – Three. His opponent, Fintan, defeated him by the lucky draw of the very final card, when he ended up with King – King – King – Four – Four.


The moral of this story is that although strategic play is a critical skill in poker, sometimes the winner is the player with the “luck of the draw.”


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