One Trillion Ton Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica Proving Climate Change Is Real

Most of us would prefer to think that “climate change” is not real. Like the boogeyman, many hope, at the very least, that it will come up in the future and attack others, but if we are lucky it will not affect our lives. It really is time for a major wake-up call, however. Climate change is happening, and at a faster rate than scientists had predicted, and a recent occurrence in Antarctica just provides more proof for that statement.

Scientists have been tracking the status of a huge part of Antarctica that they call Larsen C. The area is about 12% of the entire continent, sitting at 2240 square miles. The amount of territory that broke off from Antarctica is larger than the state of Rhode Island, and about the same size as the state of Delaware.

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The Sydney Morning Herald reports that scientists have been watching this for years. The last big pieces of ice that broke away from Antarctica were the Larsen A piece in 1995 and the Larsen B piece in 2002. Both of those pieces were much smaller than the massive Larsen C.


The good news is this ice shelf was already floating on the open ocean, meaning it will not cause any immediate rise in sea levels worldwide. The bad news is that the temperature of the Earth is rising faster than all the scientists expected, having a negative impact on ice shelves in that area. When one huge part of the ice shelf breaks off and is released into the ocean, another huge part may soon follow.

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For the skeptics, who think that climate change is not occurring, stop lying to yourselves and see the real facts. Some might be able to make an argument about the causes of climate change and global warming, but there is no factual basis to deny that it is actually happening. Giant pieces of the continent of Antarctica do not break off and start to float away unless the global temperatures are rising.

Hundreds of millions of people live in coastal cities such as Miami, London, and New York. So many others, including those that live on islands or low areas like the country of Bangladesh, have the real risk of flooding that causes so much damage and loss of life. Climate change is happening. It is real. We should all do our best to reduce the negative impacts. The survival of the human race depends on our actions.

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