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Insane Jogger Caught On Camera Pushing Woman Into Busy Road

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Insane Jogger Caught On Camera Pushing Woman Into Busy Road

Via Yahoo News

One woman is lucky to be alive after a closed circuit camera caught a shocking event on tape.

A jogger in London England appears to push a woman in front of a bus as he passes. You can see the 33-year-old victim attempt to move out of the oncoming jogger’s way, but then he seems to swerve and body checks the woman into the line of traffic. A passing bus narrowly avoids hitting her by swerving out of the way, the driver apparently gifted with lightning quick reflexes.

The incident occurred on Friday, May 5, 2017, at around 7:40 a.m. After the near accident, the bus stops while passengers care for the woman, who suffered minor injuries.

Almost as shocking as the incident itself is what happened next. Fifteen minutes later the jogger returns from the other direction, and the woman attempts to speak to him to discuss her near death experience. The jogger instead passed her by and “did not acknowledge her”.

London police began investigating after the video surfaced, with investigating officer Sergeant Mat Knowles releasing a statement: “The victim was put in extreme danger when she was knocked into the road. It was only due to the superb quick reactions of the bus driver that she was not hit by the vehicle.”


Via BuzzFeed

Yesterday, police arrested 41-year-old Eric Bellquist, a financial executive working at Hutton Collins Partners, in connection with the incident. He was taken to South London police station but was released pending further inquiry.


Bellquist’s lawyer, Duncan Lewis, released a statement on Friday saying he has “irrefutable proof” that Bellquist was out of the country when the crime was committed. He says that Bellquist was traveling in the United States at the time.

Evidence confirming Bellquist was in the US has yet to be released.

Bellquist currently works as a financial executive at Hutton Collins, where he also sits on the board of two restaurants the company has investments in, Wagamama and Byron. He is a graduate of the University of Boulder Colorado and has worked for the financial firm Lehman Brothers in the past.

The female victim has yet to comment.

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