Nicki Minaj's Latest Photoshoot Is OUTRAGEOUS [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj's Latest Photoshoot Is OUTRAGEOUS [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj’s latest Instagram post looks more like a page out of Playboy.

The Trinidadian-born rapper shocked and amazed fans on Thursday with a photo shoot that seemed unbelievable even by Minaj standards. That is to say, she’s barely wearing anything at all.

Let’s start with the obvious - Minaj eschews a top in her pic, letting her lady humps do all the talking. In a laughable nod to modesty, she dons nipple tassels like a nine PM exotic dancer or an Amsterdam burlesque hostess (and honestly, what’s the difference?).

If you can manage to tear your eyes from the “Anaconda” singer long enough you might notice how she’s wearing a pink latex bottom brief that seems more at home on a superheroine and topped with a dazzling diamond belt. Silver chandelier earrings complement the dangling bangles on her wrists while also matching the tassels. The whole ensemble makes you wish it was a video rather than a photo so you could see it all in motion.

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A diamond choker necklace frames Minaj’s face, which is dominated by deep maroon lipstick and eyelashes long enough to swat down passing airliners. Given the rapper’s obvious assets, it would at least have plenty of runway space to land.

For those wondering, her tattoo says “God is always with you” in Chinese. She got her ink at 16 and said that her family threatened to disown her once they found out. Wonder what they’d say about her most recent photo?


If they have anything negative to say, they’d be in the minority. Minaj’s photo has over 1.4 million likes from her 84.6 million Instagram followers, and that number is only going to climb in the coming weeks.

Minaj’s latest video was also teased on her Instagram, and her outfit there is almost as outrageous as this one. She was decked out for cyberpunk dystopia, wearing all leather straps and knee-high leather heels. Once again Nicki’s nod to modesty is to cover up her nipples, but this time she did it with bandages - which must suck when they have to come off.

Be warned: there’s some very not-safe-for-work language in her video.

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