Gene Simmons' Son Defends Father Amid Assault Accusations By Insulting Him

Nick Simmons is defending his father Gene, frontman of KISS, after allegations of sexual misconduct, but he's doing it in a strange way.

TMZ reports that Nick came to the defense of his dad, who is the leader of the band KISS. He said that his father is an “A” hole, a womanizer, a cheater, an egomaniac, and often abrasive, however, he is no sexual abuser.

Last week, a woman, who is trying to remain anonymous, at least in the public’s eye, filed a lawsuit against Gene Simmons as “Jane Doe.” She is claiming that during a job interview, Gene Simmons forced her hand onto his knee, touched her neck, and grabbed her butt.


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Any form of sexual assault from any male that is directed towards any female (or male) in a work situation is no longer acceptable. However, now that one woman has come forward to accuse Gene Simmons, we expect over a thousand women to join her in claiming sexual harassment by the infamous rock star.


Simmons probably slept with so many females while touring with his band that he cannot remember if they were all human or not. One newborn calf looks exactly like Gene Simmons. We are just saying that is a little suspicious.


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Still, Nick's defense of Gene is perfect. He swears he stands by his father but doesn't hold back punches when it comes to pointing out "The Demon's" problems. He even brought up a major story arch from their old reality show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels where he was unfaithful to his wife, former Playboy model Shannon Tweed.

Regardless, Simmons now joins an ever-growing list of powerful men accused of misconduct after Harvey Weinstein was outed. Names like Loius C.K, Kevin Spacey, and Danny Masterson have all fallen from grace as the entertainment world tries to rid itself of behavior that's been ingrained in its culture.

The real question, in the Gene Simmons case, is do we believe what his son Nick says that his dad would “NEVER do something to a woman against her will.”


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