New Harry Potter Books To Be Published in 2017

It’s time to take out your cauldrons and wands because Harry Potter books have been announced for fall 2017.

But before you get all excited, you should know that the books that are to be released on Oct. 20, 2017, aren’t written by JK Rowling, and are not a part of the Harry Potter series. The two books – A Journey Through The History of Magic and Harry Potter – A History of Magic are written by The British Library’s curatorial team.

When JK Rowling released the seventh and the last installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, she was clear she wasn’t going to write any other novel in the series. Rowling still kept Harry Potter alive by other means, such as 2016’s play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which shows Harry in his late thirties. Another story, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, tells the story of the wizarding world many years before Potter was born.


Oct. 20, 2017, marks the 20th anniversary of the first novel of the Harry Potter series – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The British Library will hold an exhibition to mark this historic date where the two books will be released.

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Both the books will be released by Bloomsbury, the company which published all the other Harry Potter novels. These books are more like exhibition catalogs that contain images of items from the British Library’s collection and original illustration drafts by illustrator Jim Kay.


British Library’s website reads that it is the ultimate gift for Harry Potter fans, bibliophiles, readers and curious minds around the world. Harry Potter – A History of Magic is the main book of the exhibition and will contain artifacts, manuscripts, original artwork, and curators’ insights that form the foundation of the exhibition. It is a colorful coffee-table which will make the exhibition experience available to everyone. Harry Potter - A Journey Through The History of Magic, on the other hand,  is targeted towards small kids. Both the books contain information about the subjects studied at Hogwarts but there’s nothing about Ron, Harry, or Hermione. There is no new material from Rowling either.

In December 2016, Rowling tweeted that she was working on two novels; one under her name and the other under her crime pseudonym, Robert Galbraith.

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