New BTS Photos Released From Ariel Winter's Poolside Photo Shoot

Ariel Winter may only be 18 years old, but she is easily one of the most captivating celebrities in Hollywood at the moment. As well as being one of the leads in the hit series Modern Family, Winter is also beautiful and you better believe she knows it.

Winter has had many photo shoot and modeling opportunities come her way, and we have to admit that putting her in a swimsuit is probably not the worst way to attract attention.

The photos below are from a recent photoshoot done in Los Angeles, and while we may not have access to the touched up photos that will be sure to warm you up upon their official release, we do have 10 photos from behind the scenes, including the barely-there denim shorts she changes into after, that will leave you captivated and wishing for summer.


Staring Straight Ahead

Not Afraid To Smirk

Showing Off Her Side 

Rocking That Over The Shoulder Look

Getting a Little Cheeky With It

Not Afraid To Throw Her Hair

Reaching For The Board

Warming Up Her Body

But Still Not Done Posing For The Camera 

Getting Ready To Go Home

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