NASA's Pumpkin Carving Puts Everyone Else's To Shame

There's nothing like NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories annual pumpkin carving contest, and this year's has been absolutely tops!

Don't worry, we're sure your jack o' lanterns look amazing too, but when you put engineers and rocket scientists to the task, you get some pumpkins that are out of this world!

Thanks to NASA JPL mechanical engineer Aaron Yazzie, we got to see all of the insanity these mad scientists have brought this Halloween. Here are some of our favorites:

Gotta love the flavor text on these Mars samples

Stranger Things meets NASA!

This pumpkin celebrates JPL's birthday with pizzazz!

This guy is a black hole, and actually sucks pumpkin seeds to the center

Nothing like having a pumpkin swing set to bring back those fall carnival memories!

Of course it got a little political

And it wouldn't be a NASA Halloween without at least one Star Wars reference

This pumpkin is useless

And here is Yazzie's group entry: The Leonardo Copter Pumpkin!

We seriously cannot get enough of these pumpkins. JPL, thanks for bringing this level of awesome into the world along with everything else you guys do! We're almost sad that we'll have to wait until next year!

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