The Most Savage Celebrity Responses To Louis C.K. Misconduct Stories

Hollywood is reacting to Louis C.K's misconduct stories that have come to light, and it's absolutely savage.  Rumors about his sexual improprieties have circulated for years, with many females going on social media to air their complaints, but it seems like now, they're being taken seriously.

The New York Times recently broke a story that highlights all the allegations of sexual misconduct of Louis C.K. however, Vulture notes that the allegations have been going on for many years starting around 2012.

Vulture also quoted what celebrities had to say about Louis C.K.’s misconduct in front of females that he traps in his hotel room by blocking the door so that they cannot exit the room.


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Rhea Butcher says that, “Louis CK is the monster.” Megan Koester was stopped when investigating the allegations against Louis C.K. for a report she was writing for Vice. She said, “ I assume everyone who’s called me a liar and a c*** for the past three years will be sending me an Edible Arrangement the second the Louis C.K. NYT story breaks.”

Jen Kirkman said, “I will no longer casually call Louie a friend. I can't support what I now KNOW are his contributions to the power dynamic in this business.” Rosie O’Donnell chimed in by saying, “I guess nothing will ever surprise me again regarding men.” Nicole Silverberg was told to delete a Tweet about C.K. abusing women before applying for a comedy job because the people making the hiring decision might not like it.

Monica Heisey said it very clearly, “Please don't jerk off in front of us without permission.” Michael Ian Black who knows C.K. says that “This is inexcusable and he needs to address it.” Marc Marno spoke up and said, “I've been friends with Louis C.K. for a long time. I read the article and none of it is good.”

Via GQ

John Mulaney supported the women who brought the allegations and said, “I have immense respect for the women who spoke out about the degrading and disgusting situations that Louis C.K. chose to drag them into.”

The old days of Hollywood are over. Both men and women are no longer going to accept anyone in a position of power using that imbalance against them for sexual assault and sexual misconduct. Those “pervs” like Louis C.K., Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Andy Dick and others need to keep their “Johnsons” in their pants where they belong.


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