Limited Edition: The 10 Most Expensive Sneakers

Collecting sneakers is far from a cheap hobby as many sneakerheads can sympathize just how expensive it can get when it comes to dressing up their feet. While many may cringe at the thought of even having to spend their money, you'll be shocked to know that people are willing to spend thousands – or even millions – on a pair of sneakers they may never even wear or unbox.

Who would have thought that sneakers – of all things – would be what our generation blow all their hard earned cash on? So, hold your wallets tight because here are 10 of the most expensive sneakers ever created.

Gold Dipped Nike Dunks

via sneakhype.com

Price: $6,000

Nike Dunks have never really been anything special, but that was until artist Kenneth Courtney set out to create something unique – Gold Dipped Nike Dunks. As cool as the idea may sound, they aren’t very practical as they are far too heavy to wear and, let’s be real, nobody wants to get their gold dirty.

Selling for $6,000 each pair, it’s fair to say that Courtney made a rather sizable profit for something that’s just going to sit on your mantle.

Adidas Pharrell Human Race NMD “Friends and Family”

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Price: $7,535

With a resell value of over $7,000, it is fair to say that the Pharrell x Adidas NMD “Friends and Family” Human Race variant is among the most sought after shoes of 2016.

The Friends and Family colorway is by far the rarest of Pharrell’s Adidas NMD collection as the burgundy colored shoe is adorned with Japanese embroidered characters that signify Friends and Family. To complete the shoe, Pharrell and Adidas trefoil branding is featured on each heel.

When compared to other shoes on the market, I think we can all agree that there may be better ways to spend your hard earned cash.


Air Jordan 11 Blackout

via theidleman.com

Price: $11,267

The Air Jordan 11s are one of the most expensive pairs of Jordans ever and have often been quoted as the best trainers in the world. So, it should come as no surprise that sneakerheads went mad for the Air Jordan 11 Black Out variant as many assumed they were a sample of what was to come later in the year – however, that never happened.

It has been rumored that one man forked out a staggering $11,000 for these very limited edition shoes. Given that this was a limited run, we can only expect its value to rise over the years.

Air Jordan 10 OVO

via hypebeast.com

Price: $20,000

After joining the Jordan brand, rap artist Drake was award two pairs of shoes during an appreciation night at his basketball team’s home game. But instead of keeping the pair of shoes for himself, Drake did a rather selfless act and decided to spread the love by giving away the two pairs of shoes to random members of the audience.

As you can already guess, the man that received the Air Jordan 10s was quick to place them online where he sold them for a whopping $20,000 – imagine making that kind of money off a pair of shoes that were simply given to you for free.

Undefeated Air Jordan 4

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Price: $24,500

With a military inspired design, these Undefeated Air Jordan 4’s are among some of the rarest shoes in the collection as this limited edition shoe was only given 72 pairs. With no general release or sale, you can imagine just how sought after these limited edition sneakers are – some are willing to spend up to $24,500 just to get their hands on these shoes.

With a price tag like that, you’ll never want to even try them on!

Nike Mag

via hypebeast.com

Price: $37,500

Replicating the fictional shoe that was worn by Michael J Fox in Back to the Future II, the Nike Mags are among some of the most famous – and sort after – sneakers ever created.

The most shocking thing about these shoes is that they originally sold for $37,500 to rapper Tinie Tempah when he snagged the first ever pair to be placed up for auction. Given that there were only 1510 pairs released in 2011, its sale price seems significantly high when comparing to other rare sneakers.


Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1

via luxurylaunches.com

Price: $50,000

Sometimes, when you have a vision you have to act on it – especially when it involves turning a plain old pair of $200 Air Force 1s into a staggering $50,000. Well, that’s exactly what rapper Big Boi did when he had a vision of encrusting his pair of Air Force 1s with $25,000 worth of diamonds on each shoe.

While the 11 karat champagne Nike logo may look incredibly cool, I can almost guarantee that you’ll never want to wear them – especially knowing that you could potentially end up losing one of those diamonds!

Air Jordan 12 OVO

via solecollector.com

Price: $100,000

Given out at the same time as the Air Jordan 10s, these Air Jordan 12s sit among some of the most expensive sneakers ever purchased.

Unsurprisingly, the woman that was given the shoes decided to sell them as soon as possible in hopes of making a quick paycheck – and that is exactly what she got as the Air Jordan 12s managed to sell for an unbelievable $100,000 for just being in the possession of the famous rapper.

If you have a pair of shoes that have managed to grace the presence of Drake, you too may be in for one hell of a payday.

Michael Jordan Worn Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game)

via sportsonearth.com

Price: $104,000

Worn by the King himself, this particular pair of Air Jordan 12s can’t reach any higher honor.

Worn during the 1997 finals, Michael Jordan decided to sign his pair of Air Jordan 12s that he was wearing and handed them off to the ball boy after the game. Unlike other stories, the ball boy actually kept the legendary pair of shoes for 16 years before selling them off at an auction house for a mind-blowing $104,000.

Air Yeezy 2 Red October

via eba-consortium.asia

Price: $17,000,000

Much like Drake and Michael Jordan, Kanye West managed to weasel his way into the sneaker game by creating the Yeezy brand. When you have a following as big as Kanye’s, it’s no surprise that his Air Yeezy 2 Red October edition sold out almost instantaneously, which sent sneakerheads into a frenzy.

So, when they started to pop up on eBay – just like everything else of limited release – fans of the collection were willing to spend as much as physically possible to get their hands on a pair of these shoes. You would have to be completely out of your mind to even consider purchasing a pair of shoes for that amount of money.

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