10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners

10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this year, you already know that fidget spinners are the latest craze sweeping the planet. These small, hand-held toys are marketed as a means of stress relief by devoting all that nervous energy you would normally have spent on twiddling a pen or dog-earing the corners of paper into spinning.

Whether or not these toys work as advertised is still up for debate. What is not up for debate is their popularity - you see these things everywhere, on every playground, and in every store.

Your typical plastic spinner will run you about 5 bucks if you were to walk out with one from your corner store, but for the discerning fidgeters, prices can be higher. Much higher.

Whether you’re looking for the longest spin time or you just want a spinner that’s bespoke to your personality, here are the 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners.

Crusader - $260

via spinnerlist.com

Made by KASFLY and only sold to order on their closed Facebook group, the Crusader brings a religious motif to your spinner needs. They come in two varieties, bronze and titanium, with the titanium version being the more expensive at $260, though the bronze has the greater spin time. While the raised cross decals and riveted styling are nice to look at, they can cause irritation if you like to grab your spinner from the ends.

Turbine Version 3 - $399

via spinnermint.com

For those that need a bit more heft to their spinning, Metal Worn is now taking pre-orders for their Turbine Version 3. CNC machined from pure titanium, the spinner is a whopping 19mm thick and a full two inches in diameter. As the name might suggest, the Turbine is designed for as smooth a spin as possible. If you want something that matches function with form, the Turbine might be the spinner for you - if you can afford one.

Tispin Prop - $425

tispin Prop
via spinnerlist.com

Pepyakka-S - $425

via fromrussiawithknives.com

With a company name like FromRussiaWithKnives, it should come as no surprise that this spinner looks like it’s moments away from cutting your fingers off. This baby is serious business, with 20 interlocking parts and a double-bearing system for maximum spin time and stability. It’s described not only as a beautiful piece of machinery but as a “mechanical puzzle” for spin-lovers to solve. The Pepyakka-S is available for pre-order and it will ship straight from Russia with love. And knives.

Black Lotus Tri Sterling Silver - $445

via House of Yurich

If you’re looking to come out of the dark-ages with your spinner, look no further than the Black Lotus Tri. This spinner is made by high-tech 3D printing, and each one comes with the distinct circuit design. The Sterling Silver model goes one step further; first, they manufacture a wax mold via 3D printer, and then they pour silver into it to create the body. Once cooled, the body is then polished and colored with tritium powder at an additional cost. You can order these straight from the Yurich website.


Sunnytech Customized 925 Silver Fidget Spinner (also Weiheng) - $459

via Amazon

I’m a little confused on this one since it seems there’s a Sunnytech version and a Weiheng version of the 925 Silver spinner that both look and cost the same. Regardless, this bad boy’s credentials are spotless with a sterling silver finish. Silicon-nitride bearings along with the perfect weight and balance allow for maximum spin time. Despite being sold by Amazon, expect to wait a month for delivery.

9 Gear Fidget Spinner - $600

9 gear in box
via realgearspinners.com

There are a ton of knock-off versions of the 9 Gear online, but the real version is made entirely by hand and only to order from their website. As the name implies, it has 9 interlocked gears which also make this spinner double as a fidget square. It’s made entirely of brass, which means it will corrode without regular maintenance. If you’re looking for a spinner that needs some love (as well as a lot of money), then the 9 Gear is your toy. Oh, and the spinner briefcase is an optional $140 extra.

Rotablade Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand - $665

via rotoblade.myshopify.com

We are taking elegance to a new level with this spinner/cigar stand. The Rotoblade comes in multiple varieties, but the most expensive one is made with pure titanium and has a “superconductor” finish. It’s not actually superconductive (it would cost way more if it were - and also win a Nobel prize) but it certainly looks good, even if it does reduce spin performance. The pre-order is currently sold out, so you may be in for a wait if this is the spinner that speaks to you.

Bathgate Artifact Spinner - $700

via revolvemakers.com

Artifact is a perfect name for this spinner - it looks like a beautiful piece of art straight from a bygone era. Designed by Chris Bathgate, the Artifact is hand-crafted from stainless steel and brass to give it the most distinct look of any spinner available today. It is magnificence itself in spinner form. It’s also ludicrously expensive and certainly more than the $700 price tag, as they’re all sold out and you’ll have to find one on eBay.

Steel Flame Ring - No longer being made, prices range from $500 to $1500

Steel Flame Ring
via Pinterest

Derrick Obatake is a custom jewelry maker in Los Angeles. When the fidget spinner craze was just starting, he made a version called the Steel Flame Ring. Each one was made by hand and featured a uniquely ornate design. Then he stopped making them, as you can see on the Steel Flame website. As a combined result of their artistry and rarity, Steel Flame Ring spinners can go for insane amounts on eBay. Some of the bulk designed ones go for as little as $500, but the more unique or limited edition ones can go for upwards of $1500 or more.


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