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Model Forced To Quit After Nose Job Botch

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Model Forced To Quit After Nose Job Botch

Via via E! Entertainment on YouTube

She paid for a face that would be loved by millions of adoring fans. Instead, she wound up with a nose that only a mother could love.

Kelli Johnson had been modeling since she was 10-years-old. Her mother thought that her natural spunk would look good on camera, and encouraged her to pursue her dream career.

Then at 16, the Michigan native received some bad news. During a modeling gig, the camera man commented that while she was certainly gorgeous, she’d need to get a nose job to continue to the big time, saying that her nose was too wide.

At first, she brushed the incident off and went to New York to pursue modeling in earnest. But after moving there and after attending numerous photo shoots, she kept getting the same feedback: her nose was too big, and to truly make it she’d have to do something about it. She’d have to get plastic surgery.

Kelli Young

via E! Entertainment on YouTube

Eventually, she decided the cost was worth it, and to continue in her chosen career it was just a price she had to pay.

She booked an appointment with a local surgeon to go under the knife. When the day finally came she was rightfully nervous, but when things started going awry she was aghast. In a trailer for an upcoming episode of Botched she reveals the harrowing tale.


“I knew something was wrong because my nostrils were different sizes and shapes,” she says during the video. “I was mortified.”

A year later, with few modeling jobs under her belt since the failed surgery, she contacts the same surgeon who agrees to fix his mistakes and do it free of charge. That’s when things started to really get bad.


via E! Entertainment on YouTube

About two hours into the surgery, the doctor was called away to answer another patient calling with a future appointment. He actually left Kelli mid surgery, and while he was gone Kelli decided to go to the bathroom to check up on things. What she saw was a grisly scene.


“I could see bone, blood — I was just like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing?’” But she couldn’t just leave without a nose, so she sat back down and let the doctor finish.

Afterward, things seemed to be okay, but they fairly quickly went sideways – literally. The nose job was another botch, as the tip of her nose started sliding ever further to the left. Now she looks like she’s been punched in the nose by a mean right hook.

Botched is a show from E! that features horribly mangled surgeries, and then brings in two of the top professions in the world to fix them. Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif make right what other doctors have done wrong.

Kelli’s story is set to appear on Thursday’s episode of Botched.

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