Miley Cyrus Answers Questions About Her Love Life In Front Of Her Grandmother

Most of us would be a little put off answering questions about our bedroom activities in front of our grandmothers, but Miley Cyrus kept a game face for the camera.

Last Thursday the former Hannah Montana star appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and while the conversation initially talked about how the famed singer would be donating $500,000.00 to Hurricane Harvey victim, it also took a turn toward her life with fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus and the Australian movie star began their relationship on the set of The Last Song and dated off and on for several years afterward. Then in 2016, Cyrus announced her engagement to Hemsworth on an October episode of The Ellen Show.

DeGeneres also had a trick in store for the 24-year-old singer. Using her recent appearance on the cover of a Cosmopolitan cover as a segue, Ellen then announced she would ask Cyrus multiple choice questions that were also posed in vintage 70's Cosmo magazines.


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Just like today, Cosmo questionnaires of yesteryear were quite risqué. No sooner had Ellen managed to begin with "your sex life with your lover-" than Cyrus became visibly excited and blurted out: "My grandma's in the audience!"

It turns out Cyrus had indeed brought her 90-year-old grandmother to see her taping at The Ellen Show. Had she known beforehand there’s little doubt she would have agreed to the segment, but nonetheless, she continued onward as Degeneres asked her ever more revealing questions.

Ellen Show
via TheEllenShow on YouTube

The first question posed after Cyrus composed herself, was, “"Your sex life with your lover can best be compared to a) a roller coaster ride, b) a luxury cruise or c) a commuter trip on a Concorde jet," to which Miley immediately responded c).  Totally deadpan, Ellen made sure to clarify that “commuter trip on a Concorde jet” means “it’s fast”, to which Cyrus replied “Yeah, I’m good,” with a smile.


The questions quickly started to show their age, as the third query posed was, "Your lover wishes you were more a) slender, b) informed, c) attractive," to which Cyrus merely squinted and replied, “This is insane.”

“I know, these are questions from Cosmo from the 70’s,” DeGeneres offered in defense.

“These seem very sexist and wrong,” Cyrus continued, to which talk show host immediately said “yes,” with a nod. Cyrus eventually replied with “informed”.

Miley’ Cyrus' sixth studio album, Younger Now, comes out September 29th.

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