Jersey Shore Star Faces 15 Years In Prison For Tax Fraud

Jersey Shore Star Faces 15 Years In Prison For Tax Fraud

A former Jersey Shore star is set to plead guilty on Friday to federal charges.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino found himself in a situation back in 2014 when the IRS accused the former Jersey Shore star of failing to pay his appropriate taxes in 2010 and 2012. Both Mike and his brother Marc pleaded not guilty, however, according to court documents obtained by The Blast, both Sorrentino brothers plan on pleading guilty on Friday as part of a plea deal.

Mike faces 15 years behind bars while Marc faces 25 years.

Both brothers were initially indicted in September 2014 on charges of failing to pay federal income taxes. Those charges were amended in April 2017 to include falsifying records and tax evasion.

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"Michael is now also charged with tax evasion and structuring funds to evade currency transaction reports and Marc is now also charged with falsifying records to obstruct a grand jury investigation,” according to a statement given to People.


The IRS said the pair owed $8.9 million to square themselves for the amounts they earned in 2010 and 2012, stating that Mike attempted to avoid taxes by hiding them in multiple accounts. He only deposited $10,000 into each of them in order to avoid mandatory bank reporting to the IRS. Marc was accused of not only being in on the shady accounting by also falsifying statements to the grand jury to cover it up.

The Feds also say that both Sorrentino brothers tried to inflate their business expense deductions by claiming things like dinners, designer clothing, and luxury cars.

The brothers initially refused a plea deal offered by prosecutors last week, but after ruminating on the case the pair seems to have changed their minds.

Details of the plea deal are unknown at this time. Mike’s attorney, Henry E. Klingeman, told People that they will enter their plea Friday at 11 AM, but gave no further information.

Sorrentino is set to reunite with other former Jersey Shore castmates on a new MTV reality series Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The filming for that is likely already done, but maybe the next MTV series can be Jersey Shore - Behind Bars.


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