Singer Mel B Literally Cuts Off Tattoo With Ex's Name

Former Spice Girl Mel B wanted to make a clean break from her ex-husband by cutting off the tattoo with his name on it.

Former Spice Girl Mel B decided to get a clean break from her ex-husband by literally cutting off the tattoo with his name on it.

Tattoos are supposed to be permanent, but modern technology means that nothing has to stay in your skin if you don’t want it to. Normally getting a tattoo removed means going under a laser and having the subcutaneous ink burned away, but Mel B decided that wasn’t nearly fast enough.

Rather than have multiple appointments to get a tattoo of her ex-husband’s name removed, she went for the direct approach and just cut off the chunk of her torso with the name on it.

It’s pretty gruesome, but then, that’s sort of what we’d all expect from the former Scary Spice.

Mel B’s ex is film producer Stephen Belafonte. The two wed secretly in Las Vegas back in June 2007, and then again in front of friends and family in November 2008. They have one child together, Madison Brown Belafonte - Mel B’s third child. Her second was born to actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, who she dated briefly prior to marrying Belafonte.

The comedian at first denied his parentage and demanded a paternity test, but the paternity test revealed the kid was Murphy’s, resulting in a $7 million paternity settlement.


Her relationship to Murphy didn’t last long enough to warrant a tattoo, but Mel B was married to Belafonte for over a decade with the divorce only being finalized this month. The pair had been estranged since December of 2016, and the divorce proceedings were not exactly amicable. Mel B accused Belafonte of “emotional and physical abuse”, while Belafonte tried to get out of a large settlement by arguing that their affluent lifestyle had eliminated most of his fortune.

Mel B’s tattoo, which ran up her left side, used to read, "Stephen, till death do us part you own my heart,” but she had the name removed after going under the knife.

Now she can replace that name with whoever she decides to marry next. After the wound heals, that is.


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Singer Mel B Literally Cuts Off Tattoo With Ex's Name