Meet Poppy, The Most Unsettling YouTuber You'll Ever Watch

There's no real way of introducing Poppy other than having her introduce herself, so without further ado:

Poppy is a bizarre YouTube creator starring the pale waifish singer from the US who rose to internet stardom with her incredibly odd videos.

This is her first video:

If you didn't catch on, all of those sound effects of her eating are clearly ADR, meaning they were recorded after the video was shot.

The videos just get more strange:

At some point, Sanrio fell in love with Poppy's aesthetic, and the two paired up to release a line of products tied to the personality:

There are rumors that Poppy is just a character, but she does a pretty good job of keeping it up for interviews:

Last year, Poppy became one half of the singing duo Mars Argo (which happens to be her name in the group):

Her partner is Titanic Sinclair, the producer of all her Poppy videos, including this one:

Poppy is also self-aware, she posted this tongue-in-cheek video regarding her own fame last week:

There's tons of conspiracy theories about her too:

Whatever you might think of her, she's certainly made a mark on the community.

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