Mass Effect Game Designer Correy Gaspur Dies

Mass Effect Game Designer Correy Gaspur Dies

The gaming world has lost one of its greatest creators.

Correy Gaspur, a veteran developer at BioWare who helped create the Mass Effect franchise, has passed away. We don’t have any details as to what happened, only that it was suddenly and under “tragic circumstances.”

A 9 year veteran of BioWare, Gaspur worked in many different design positions over the course of his career. His work helped to shape many of BioWare’s blockbuster titles, including Sonic Chronicles, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect 2 and 3. Most recently he worked as Lead Gameplay Designer for their upcoming multiplayer shooter, Anthem, which after its teaser release at E3 is already a hotly anticipated game.

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The announcement comes from the BioWare blog, where they printed a short and heartfelt eulogy for Gaspur:

"Corey was a talented designer and an even better person. We offer our condolences to Corey’s family and everyone that knew him. We will miss you."

He leaves behind a wife and young son.

Gaspur’s passing has been met by an outpouring of support on social media, as gamers around the world express their condolences to Gaspur’s friends and family. His work touched the lives of millions of people, and will forever influence the shape of games that come afterward.

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Correy Gaspur began his gaming career at Vancouver Film School, where he graduated with a degree in game design. After graduation, he started with Propaganda Games where he helped to create the 2008 remake of the classic Turok first person shooter. He then moved to work at BioWare in Edmonton where he started as a gameplay and level designer. He worked extensively on Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, as well as Mass Effect 2’s largest DLC, Shadow Broker.

After the wild success of both previous games and DLC, Corey began to work as lead combat designer where he worked almost exclusively on polishing the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect 3, with a lesser contribution to the Leviathan DLC. His success was once again met with promotion, this time to lead gameplay designer for the upcoming blockbuster game Anthem.

He wasn’t satisfied with only working on a single game, however. During Anthem’s development, Gaspur would consult on other BioWare titles such as Star Wars Battlefront and Dragon Age: Inquisition. He would also teach part time at NAIT, one of Alberta’s leading polytechnic institutes, where he would pass on his knowledge to the next generation of game designers.

Gaspur’s passing is a tragic blow to the entire gaming community. TheRichest offers its condolences to friends and loved ones and encourages all our readers to donate to assist the family during this difficult time.

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