Marlon Brando's Old Hawaiian Mansion Hits The Market

The house the Godfather built is up for grabs. The three-bedroom Hawaiian mansion owned by the legendary Marlon Brando has been placed on the market for a hefty price of 2.3 million dollars as reported by The Guardian.

Marlon Brando, who played the notorious "Don Corleone" in Francis Coppola's classic film The Godfather did very well during his film career, and he had no problem enjoying the fruits of his labor.

The beautiful private property rests just a few feet from the beach.  It is enclosed by expansive gardens including mango trees.  Its hillside position displays the enchanting views of the surrounding ocean and mountains.

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The property extends across approximately 27 acres of land near the northern shore of Maui.  The secluded setting of the home was the perfect place of paradise for someone of Brando's stature, who made it clear in the past that his privacy was not only a preference, but it was a prerequisite for consideration of purchasing.


The multi-level home has many attractive features detailed in the listing.  On the top floor, is the master bedroom, which has a stunning floor plan that is spacious enough to include not one but two beds accommodating multiple guests. It also has a separate seating area that opens up to its own private balcony overlooking the tropical island.

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The first floor has an over-sized kitchen with breakfast bar and expanded countertops giving space for food prep. The ground floor is an open seating area completely furnished with designer furniture which also opens up to an ocean view as well as the tropical scenery through glass doors.

Via TheGuardian

Brando reportedly spent most of his time here when he was in between filming.  However, the frequent visits to the peaceful paradise could not keep him from listing the property for sale.  He sold the home a few years after he purchased it and the original blueprints show the new owners made their own personal renovations to the home.

The new owner of the property is sure to enjoy the great escape with a private, peaceful piece of paradise.  Although it is in the middle of nowhere, it is not completely disconnected from the main land.  The island is supposedly 15 to 20 minutes away from restaurants and shops in the town of Haiku.


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