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Man Busted Holding Six Tinder Dates in One Day in the Same Bar

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Man Busted Holding Six Tinder Dates in One Day in the Same Bar

Via Inside Edition on YouTube/Cosmopolitan

It sounds like the start of a crazy romantic comedy, but this time it totally happened in real life.

One guy (who turns out to be a royal douchebag) decided it would be a good idea to book six dates in one night – and yes, I said six. Naturally, our would-be Casanova’s plans ended in shambles when one of the women showed up a tad early and spotted the jerk already chatting with another date. But instead of busting him once, she keeps going back to the same bar and busts him all six times, with each new lady joining their merry band in busting him again and again.

The story comes by way of @LisettePylant, who in a series of nearly a dozen tweets tells the tale of how her night went from a bad Seinfeld episode to being the founding member of an all girl power band.


It all started Monday night when Lisette heads to a date set up by a friend. She books it at a bar where her friend works, and right away she smells trouble on the horizon.

Despite the warning, everything seems to be going fine until lady number two arrives, callsign “Katie”. Lisette immediately knows what’s up due to her friendly bartender’s earlier recommendation, so she plays along as the aforementioned Romeo tries to play her off as a friend so he can proceed to date number two.

Now that Katie’s in on the deal, date number three shows up (callsign “Riley”) and the pair gives her the lowdown before ballooning Casanova’s bar tab. Then the three merry women leave him high and dry to go get dinner at another bar.

That’s where it would have ended had it not been for Lisette’s friend, the bartender. She texts the band of sisters to alert them that date number four has arrived, and is in desperate need of rescue.

As the foursome was about to become a five piece (the latest addition given callsign “Allie”), the rest of the Avengers were out at the bar laughing-up this poor tool’s impending demise.

Rather than throw in the towel, he doubles down on his charade with date number five. Number five decided leaving the douchebag to hang out with the girls was a better way to spend her evening. Callsign for number five is still pending.


Incredibly, despite having blown Lisette off at the beginning, the douchiest douche of them all suddenly decides he likes Lisette of everyone he’s seen so far and wants to get to know her. Lisette’s response is understandably harsh, so we can’t really post it here. Just know that it contained a few choice four-letter words.

Finally, number six arrives, and he doesn’t even bother to finish the sham date before finally giving up and going home.

So, six lovely ladies triumphed over evil and vanquished the misogynistic turd, or so you thought!

The guy who racked up all those failures then decides to do an interview defending his actions. Justin, clearly an alias, says he was filmed live, so one wonders what good an alias will do him, affirms that Monday night’s debacle was not a series of dates gone awry, but merely “preliminary conversations.”

Sure, Justin. Sure.

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