Male Bar Patrons Drugged By Females Who Steal Their Expensive Watches

Stories about a person being drugged without their knowledge, so that they can be taken advantage of by another person, usually refer to men abusing women, but in New York Bars, it's the other way around. Being secretly given a dose of the drug Rohypnol, commonly called a “ruffie,” is what most would consider a serious risk that females have, not men. However, a recent series of robberies in the Manhattan area of New York City targeted wealthy men and the thieves were women.

Attractive young women meet these men in upscale bars and luxury hotels. The men are usually tourists traveling alone on business in NYC, and they want to have some fun when they go out on the town. It is easy for these women to target the men that they want to rob because they look for specific things, such as the men wearing expensive jewelry or watches.


New York Daily News says that these beautiful women were brazen enough to rob three tourists from the same bar within a matter of a few days. Police are not certain if they may be working as a team or solo. If they are working solo that would make the cluster of robberies at the same place a coincidence. Images of the women were caught on the closed-circuit security camera system, although the quality of the images is very poor.

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The women are getting away with these robberies because many of the men feel too ashamed about what happened to report the incident to the police. Also, most are married so making an official police report, which creates a permanent record of their philandering, is the last thing they want to do. They prefer to go back home without making much of a fuss about what happened. They probably tell their wife that they were mugged on the streets of New York if questioned about a missing watch or jewelry.

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These women are extremely good at manipulating men with flirtations. The guy thinks he has really scored when she does not ask for money like a prostitute would do. When one of these women voluntarily goes back to a hotel room with a man, after a long night of enjoying drinks paid for by him, she slips a drug in the guy’s drink. He soon passes out. When the guy wakes up from being knocked out, the woman is gone with all of his jewelry and any other luxury items in the room.

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Guys now need to be more careful picking up attractive women in bars because being drugged and robbed now has gender equality. She just wants your nice, new, shiny $25,000+ luxury watch.


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