Taco Bell Mode Lyft Option Makes Your Drunken Ride Home Better

Taxi hailing company Lyft has added a new feature, Taco Mode, to their app. Using this feature, you can be driven to the nearest Taco Bell outlet by your Lyft driver.

The Taco Mode service will only be available during night time. The company will be testing this new feature for two weeks in Newport Beach, California before starting it in other places.

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According to New York Times, Lyft’s Head of Marketing, Melissa Waters said that it is the first time they are fulfilling a ride experience for a brand. She also said that Lyft is always on the hunt for new opportunities, but she didn’t reveal anything much.


Taco Bell has also been using innovative marketing strategies to increase sales. The fast food giant recently opened a flagship store in Las Vegas that features a wedding chapel and lets hungry guests eat Cinnamon Twists and walk down the aisle, all for only $600.

But it seems like Lyft drivers aren’t happy with the new Taco Mode feature. One Lyft driver complained on Reddit that Lyft isn’t paying the drivers anything extra to drive passengers to Taco Bell. Another employee argued that he is not letting his car get dirty with stains and spills. Another Reddit user said that he hopes a drunk guy doesn’t come in his car and destroy it because he likes his taxi to be fresh and neat.

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In the past, Lyft has partnered with companies like Starbucks and Delta. Customers can earn Starbucks stars by riding a Lyft taxi. First-time customers receive 125 stars on their Starbucks card. Similarly, on every Lyft mile, the customer earns $1 which can be redeemed on Delta flights.

Following the announcement, Uber and McDonald’s announced they will strengthen their ties with McDelivery day on Wednesday where UberEat customers can get free McDonald’s merchandise.

But Lyft is getting its customers tacos instead of Uber providing free clothing, so we are guessing customers will be happier with the food. If Taco Bell and Lyft’s latest feature is a hit, they are planning to expand this service to other cities by 2018.

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