Lorde Kept A Secret Onion Ring Review Instagram

Rumors are going around that an onion ring review Instagram account belongs to Lorde. People have best described the account as clandestine. There has been no official confirmation about it but there are some pieces of evidence that the account belongs to the 21-year old New Zealand singer-songwriter and record producer, Lorde.

The account @onionringsworldwide had 24 followers, and the latest follower was Lorde herself. A 17-year-old fan tipped off the information that the account is a big Lorde fan. Lorde’s friends also follow the account, including Justin Warren, Jimmy Mac, and Maddy Budd. The account doesn’t follow any other account and has uploaded four posts.

The second onion ring was uploaded on Tuesday morning (New Zealand time) and eaten on a plane from Tennessee to New York. Lorde played at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee the same week. The other three rings were tested in Sydney, New York, and Hatfield, which is two hours south from New York.

Via: stuff.co.nz

Lorde stays in New York and would have probably passed through Hatfield for an event and had traveled to Sydney in early May. The onion rings consumed in Sydney were from QT Hotel which is a 10-minute drive from Horden Pavillion, where Lorde had performed twice.

The language is also another point of suspicion. The caption in her bio says: "every onion ring I encounter, rated." Many people might talk in a similar way, but that does sound vaguely Lorde. The word flavor is written with u, which is usually used by people out of the United States of America. It is used in New Zealand as well, which is Lorde’s birthplace.

A big fan and a self-proclaimed Lorde detective said that the fingers in the onion rings post look like Lorde’s. When you compare the images side by side, you can tell that the nails look like Lorde's - she keeps hers short.

Sadly, the account has been taken off Instagram. No one will ever know for sure who owned the account, except the person herself.


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