Logan Paul's Latest Video Stirs More Controversy

Logan Paul is the center of controversy again.

Sometimes, when someone tries to fix something, he just ends up making matters worse. This is what seems to be happening with the YouTube video star Logan Paul. Paul got into trouble with his fans and many others by posting a disrespectful video of the “suicide” forest in Japan that is located near the famous Mount Fuji while wearing a goofy hat, and showing a dead body of one the victims hanging from a tree is not something his fans or anyone else appreciated. The backlash was so severe that his online reputation was essentially ruined.

In response to the troubles, he took the video offline. He released an apology on Twitter. Then he went silent for awhile and made a donation to suicide prevention efforts to try to show his heart was in the right place.


In spite of his effort to make amends, many fans are unforgiving because they do not believe his apology was sincere. Plus, he should have had the good sense not to show a suicide victim hanging from a tree in the first place. Imagine the suffering caused to the remaining friends and family of the person who killed themselves, when they see the image of the hanging blasted across the Internet. TMZ reports that Paul once again has stirred up ire from fans and this time also from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Via YouTube

Paul posted a video of him using a taser on a dead rat. The electrical shock caused the animal’s dead body to move in a grotesque way. It is disgusting and not funny at all. PETA demanded that YouTube remove the video because it is teaching millions of impressible young viewers that cruelty to animals is OK. It does not matter if the rat was dead or alive. There is no reason to show torture like this.

In the video, Paul Tases the dead rat, lifts it by a string, and then Tases it a second time after he puts it in the trash. It is one thing to kill a rat. It is quite another to torture the body of a dead one for the supposed fun of it. PETA complains that this kind of behavior de-sensitizes youth who see it and makes them think cruelty to animals is acceptable behavior. PETA is correct that YouTube should remove this video ASAP.

There is a huge movement to demand that Paul be banned from YouTube permanently; however, Polygon reports that YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki, refuses to do it. YouTube did remove all ads from Paul’s YouTube channel, so he is not going to make any more money from his videos on YouTube.


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