Infamous Forest YouTuber Wants A Second Chance

Embattled YouTuber Logan Paul says everyone deserves a second chance. The question is, will he get one?

Embattled YouTuber Logan Paul says that he’s learned a lot from posting his infamous video and that he deserves a second chance.

Paul was caught outside of LAX Airport on Monday by a reporter with TMZ. Emerging from a black Cadillac SUV with security, the reporter asked Paul several questions in the brief time they had between the entrance and the first security checkpoint.

The YouTube star seemed very subdued in their quick conversation. When asked if he thinks he deserves a second chance, Paul looked away and almost muttered, "Everyone deserves second chances, bro."

Logan Paul has been under fire ever since posting a controversial video of a suicide victim while he was visiting Japan. The video has since been taken down, but not before it caused an uproar on YouTube and social media calling for Paul’s account to be suspended.

via TMZ

The reporter when on to ask what Paul had learned from his unfortunate experience. “Everything - so many things,” he replied, appearing sincere and humble as he said it. When asked if he believes he was treated fairly by the community he could only nod mutely.


The conversation then turned to when he might return to YouTube. Asked if he had a message for his 15 million followers, Logan cryptically replied, “It’s coming.”

Then things turned to money. Since being taken off Google Preferred and having his YouTube original series placed on hold, Logan’s main source of revenue has dried up. The reporter pointed this point and asked what he’s doing for money these days.

That’s when Paul smirked and said “You’re lookin’ at it,” lifting his Maverick brand sweater and implying his main source of revenue these days is from merchandise. Maverick is Logan’s personal clothing brand.

Logan has issued two apologies since taking down the Suicide Forest video earlier this month. Initially, YouTube issued a statement condemning the video, but as pressure mounted they were forced to take harsher measures, canceling his involvement with Google Preferred which matches the top 5% content creators on YouTube with advertisers. They also placed his YouTube Red videos on hold.

Strangely, these moves seem to have only increased Logan Paul’s popularity. His subscriber count continues to climb, and his apology video has been seen over 44 million times. When he does return to YouTube, he’ll have a larger audience than ever before.


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Infamous Forest YouTuber Wants A Second Chance