Logan Paul Makes A Lot Of Money For Dumb Videos

Logan Paul Makes A Lot Of Money For Dumb Videos

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is stupid rich and makes way more cash from his videos than anyone can stomach.

You’d think that with YouTube coming down on Logan Paul and cutting the flow of cash from his videos the guy would be in some dire financial straits. We’ve got news for you: Paul is doing just fine. In fact, the guy is reportedly wealthy enough to probably just live off investments for the rest of his life and still have a better go of it than most of middle-class America.

According to Forbes, Paul made $12.5 million from all his revenue streams in 2017. And when we say “all his revenue streams” we’re talkin’ way more than just YouTube videos. In fact, YouTube vids may be chump change in Paul’s media empire.

Logan Paul
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There’s definitely revenue from monetized videos on YouTube, but on top of that Logan makes tons of green from sponsored content on his social media platform. One sponsored post on Instagram will run you $80,000. One sponsored update on Logan’s Facebook page will cost a cool $150,000.


And that’s just for writing a few words into his phone. To appear in real-life advertisements, like the ones he did for Hanes or HBO, can cost hundreds of thousands or more.

There’s also his acting fee for appearing in YouTube Red’s The Thinning, a bad B-movie if there ever was one, and on top of that, he’s still got a clothing line that’s cashing in daily.

Here’s the irony of this whole Suicide Forest debacle. Yes, YouTube clipped Logan’s wings and cut him off from Google Preferred which means his videos aren’t making nearly as much money as they used to. But the massive controversy that it spawned hasn’t actually lost him fans - it caused him to gain.

Logan started the year at 15 million subscribers. Now he’s pushing 16 million. His apology video - the one that said he was sorry for taping a dead guy and then laughing about it - has been viewed nearly 45 million times. According to Socialblade.com, that video could have made anywhere from $22,000 to $179,000.

Now, it’s probably closer to the lower end of that scale since YouTube axed Paul from Google Preferred, but making 22 grand from a 3-minute apology is still more than a lot of people make all year.

So don’t shed a tear for poor Logan Paul. He’s going to be all right.


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