Logan Paul's Latest Controversy Isn't About A Video This Time

Logan Paul just couldn’t law low enough to stay out of the spotlight after his controversial Suicide Forest video,

He came out last week with a far more in-depth apology while trying to make amends for having made fun of suicide victims. The video, called “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow”, features Logan interview various heads of suicide prevention organizations and one suicide survivor, all while suicide hotlines and statistics continually flash on screen.

It was a good first step and a smart move, but then he had to go and ruin it by comparing himself to Jesus, which is where Cardi B comes in.

Cardi B took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo of herself at the Grammy Awards. She didn’t win anything, but it was her first Grammy since starting her music career in 2015. Even if you don’t win, it’s a big deal just to show up, and really signaled that she’s arrived on the music scene.

They trinna crucify me like they did Christ .

A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

Of course, as a lover of all things hip-hop, Cardi captioned her photo with the Kanye West lyric, “They trinna crucify me like they did Christ”, from his 2012 track “Don’t Like.” There wasn’t any deeper meaning behind Cardi B’s choice of lyric to quote, she just likes Kanye (who doesn’t?).


Logan must be a Cardi fan since he decided to reply to her post. Only problem was he decided to make it all about him by writing, “Lawlz u tellin me.”

This comment did not go over well with Cardi B’s many, many fans.

“She ain't the one that filmed a dead body and put it in a vlog so… Apples and oranges,” wrote one angry Instagrammer. Another user responded, “This shows you have no regret whatsoever.”

“Your apology is fake and you have zero remorse,” accused another Instagram user, while another decided to make a colorful metaphor: “go away you literal thumb.”

Cardi B has yet to even acknowledge the firestorm brewing on her Instagram feed. Which is probably for the best. No good could possibly come from even acknowledging Logan.



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Logan Paul's Latest Controversy Isn't About A Video This Time