Lindsay Lohan Starts Speaking In A New Accent, And She Calls It "Lilohan"

For the past couple of years, people have been able to pull their eyes away from the walking train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan, but that just cannot stand. So what is Lohan’s latest attention grab?

Creating her own accent which she has dubbed #Lilohan, and you can give it a listen in the clip below:

Lohan recently split from her alleged billionaire beau, Egor Tarabasov, and recently spent time working with Syrian refugees along with running her new night club in Greece.

There’s a theory that her recent travels may have inspired the accent which Jezebel says sounds, “like sad attempts at French, Greek, English, and (oddly) Australian accents were combined with Elmer’s glue and not allowed enough time to dry.”

They weren’t far off. Lohan recently told The Daily Mail where her new speech came from.

“It's a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn. I've been learning different languages since I was a child. I'm fluent in English and French can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian and Arabic."

Lohan came up with name for the accent after she saw remarks online regarding her new manner of speech.

Who knows what she plans on coming up with next.

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