Lindsay Lohan Claims She's 'Had Enough' With Dating

Actress Lindsay Lohan stopped by the Wendy Williams Show this week to discuss everything she has been up to from her tumultuous past, new projects and love life. The starlet to movie classics such as Mean Girls, The Parent Trap, and Freaky Friday arrived in a black and white ensemble ready to dish on anything Wendy had coming her way.

The star, who just got done shooting for her latest television show Sick Note, has not always lived the easiest life, from several stints in rehab and her parents' nasty divorce, one aspect of her life that’s always been on display is her love life. When asked if she’s looking for a relationship, the 31-year-old took no time before responding that she’s “had enough of them” and considering the actress’ past relationships have often been the talk of every major headline, we don’t blame her!

Lindsay mentioned to Williams how she is in the best place she’s been in with her family and friends and is content in surrounding herself with them. Lohan also discussed how she now spends most of her time between Dubai and the U.S and how living her life in the Middle East has provided her with a sense of peace from the scrutiny of the media, especially since paparazzi is illegal in the United Arab Emirates.


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She disclosed that due to her travels, she doesn’t “think anyone could be in a relationship with me because I’m never there all the time.” The stars nomadic lifestyle may be one reason for remaining single, but her previous relationship with former fiancé Egor Tarabasov who was accused of abusing Lohan, may be a reason for leaving a possible boyfriend out of the equation for right now. Wendy Williams didn’t stop there, upon commenting on a ring located on Lohan’s left ring finger, she asked who is holding her down in Dubai, and Lindsay promptly responded how it was a ring for her, from her

The Wendy Show is known for asking the hard-hitting questions not everyone will, so it is without a doubt that Wendy took some time from the exclusive interview to draw back on Lindsay Lohan’s past. From DUI’s, arrests and being mauled by the paparazzi, the actress mentioned how she has moved on from her stormy past, and how turning 30 has brought the best change in how she approaches her life.

This turning point is a huge factor that allowed the star to realize the importance of helping those less fortunate, including her devotion and hard work with refugee organizations. The Hollywood star also admitted that although she’s in a happy place right now, focusing on doing what’s important to her, she does intend on starting a family of her own one-day when the time is right. Whenever that time may come, we’re rooting for Lindsay, and wish her nothing but the best.


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