Lady Who Owns 26 Cats Claims She Isn’t A Crazy Cat Lady

In Kansas City more than 20 cats were found in a seemingly abandoned house. Animal control had apparently been informed in the past and was investigating the house. They claim that upwards of over 40 cats had been living in the house at one point.

In a twist of good news for the story, the cats were in reasonably good health and were well on their way to being ready for adoption.

All happy news, right? Except for the fact that soon after the original story was reported, the apparent owner of the abandoned house has come forth and said that she is the owner of all of the 26 cats that were taken. I know what you’re thinking. A woman with 26 cats sounds like a crazy cat lady, right? Stacey Barricks claims that this is not the case, but that she just has a policy where she does not dump animals.

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While this is admirable, it is clearly unhealthy and not a good situation for someone to be responsible for 26 cats. Especially when you consider that, according to Fox 4 Kansas City, “the house does not have utility service, and the home was not clean inside,” hence why it was assumed to be abandoned.

Barricks claims that she has lived on the property for the last six weeks with her fiancé.

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There is a law in Kansas City that only allows for 4 animals per household, and the couple was unable to provide any substantial proof that they were living on the property.

While the story has a happy ending for the animals that are getting the help they need, it is shocking to imagine trying to properly care for twenty six cats. Especially in a house that was filthy!

Source: fox4kc.com

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