Kim Kardashian Was Robbed At Gunpoint

She was "badly shaken, but physically unharmed," is what Kim's spokeswoman had to say regarding the traumatic incident. Yes, it's Kim K. and no one will ever take her seriously, but this could not have been fun.

While in Paris with her sisters for fashion week, Kim was held at gunpoint and robbed by five men dressed as police. They handcuffed the building's concierge and forced him to divulge where she was staying. Various sources are saying she was bound at the hands and feet and then gagged and put in the bathtub. Kim claims she feared for her life and was sure they were going to rape her. Thankfully, it seems all they wanted was the shiny stuff. They reportedly stole about $10 million worth of jewelry— wrap your head around that for a second, this is what she was carrying while travelling.

Kanye's fans (yes, he still has fans) at his NYC show were among the first to know that something had happened as the rapper stopped his performance and left the stage stating there was a family emergency.

Although the family hasn't been active on social media since the incident, the entire internet, especially Twitter, is overflowing with comments on the robbery. You'll find anything from the memes joking about how the thieves found the jewelry but not her soul, to the typical 'there are more important things in the world' lecture tweets (poor Harambe was mentioned more than once), and you'll even find a surprising amount of support from both celebs and the general public. Chrissy Teigen actually nailed it to haters with her tweet, "Fame is interesting. Celebs are supposed to love you guys while also knowing you'd make a meme of our dead bodies for retweets." But Chrissy, isn't that kind of like how you celebs spin reality to get views on your TV shows?

Anyway, Kim and Kanye are about $10 million poorer, Kim's all shaken up, Kanye's fans got ripped off at his concert, and five random guys are set for life and get to live with the memory of gagging Kim Kardashian. Now, let's get on with our lives, shall we?

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