Kim Kardashian on Ellen: Gunpoint Robbery 'Happened For a Reason'

Kim Kardashian West on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Everyone's favorite Kardashian sister, Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, 27th April 2017 and broke her silence about the Paris robbery incident that occurred back in October 2016. Ever since the incident, where she was robbed at gunpoint, Kim has maintained a low profile.

Her appearance on Ellen marked the first time that she talked about the Paris incident in public.

As she started talking about the ordeal, Kim broke into tears and told host Ellen Degeneres that she believes there is a reason why the robbery happened to her. She believes that it was supposed to happen - to teach her a lesson.

Kim started her interview by saying that it was horrific and difficult to talk about. When she was being robbed, gagged and held at gunpoint, she thought it would be the end of her life. So, she prayed for the safety and security of her husband, Kanye West, and her two children, North and Saint West.

After the robbery, Kim felt like a changed person. She told Ellen that before the incident she was very materialistic - and claims that she isn’t any longer. She also expressed gratitude that her children will come to know a different version of her as they grow up.

Kim Kardashian West Ellen 2017

Here's what Kim had to say:

"I was definitely materialistic before. Not that there’s anything bad with having things and working to get those things – I’m really proud of everyone around me that’s successful. And of course when you get engaged you’re going to show off your ring, if you get a car, you feel really proud and you might show it off on social media. But I’m not here to show off the way I used to. It’s just not who I am anymore. I’m so happy that my kids get this me, that this is who I am raising my kids. I just don’t care about that stuff anymore. I really don’t."

According to Kim, the robbers had been tracking her for two years and believes they were tempted by her flashy clothes and jewelry, which she wore everywhere she went.

Despite her bravery and sincerity in changing her outlook on possessions, Kim wasn't left untouched by the experience. She now fears wearing real jewelry in public, and is unsure if she'll ever feel comfortable doing it again.

Instead, she is taking a positive approach to everything - as the reality star suggests she now has a different take on life - focusing on family as well as her emotions. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said that she wants to move on from the ordeal and she now has security round the clock around her, which helps her sleep better at night.

According to her, she is a better person now and is thankful for the changes that the incident has brought into her life. Despite how you might feel about her reality show or former lavish lifestyle, the fact that Kim went through the robbery, and came out the other side stronger and with more perspective shows that she is indeed a very strong woman.

Source: Buzz Feed

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