5 Killers Crazier Than Charles Manson

Last Sunday, notorious cult leader and mass murderer Charles Manson died at age 83. After cultivating a group of followers to believe his insane teachings, he planned and executed a series of murders that he hoped would bring about a collapse of society, where he and his “Manson Family” could rule as anarchists.

Even though his ideas were utterly mad, Manson is hardly the only crazy serial killer. He might not even be the craziest. Take a look at these other serial killers and decide for yourself which one is the most insane.


Ted Bundy

ted bundy
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Here's how Bundy worked: he'd pick a female victim, approach said victim in a public place by pretending to be hurt or injured, and then overpower the woman and drag her to a secluded location where he proceeded to sexually assault and kill her, but not necessarily in that order. Sometimes he’d return to the body days or even weeks later to pleasure himself on or in the corpse. On at least 12 occasions he cut the heads off his victims and kept them in his apartment as souvenirs.

Bundy confessed to killing at least 30 women before being executed by electric chair, but the true number could be much higher.


Nannie Doss

Nannie Doss
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Known as the “Giggling Granny”, Nannie Doss doesn’t fit your usual idea of a serial killer, but don’t be fooled: this granny is a stone-cold killer.

After marrying young and enduring a loveless relationship where the two fought constantly, something in Nannie broke. Over the course of the next several decades and multiple marriages, she murdered four husbands, two children, her two sisters, her mother, a grandson, and a mother-in-law.

How’d she managed to kill so many people for so long without being noticed? Well, her murder spree was from 1927 to 1954, and medical science hadn’t quite caught up to the point where it was easy to identify deadly poisons and toxins. After the eleventh family member died of food poisoning, the authorities started to catch on. That, and she kept pocketing the life insurance policies she’d take out on nearly all of her victims.


Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo
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Constanzo got started in petty crime, but soon graduated to ritualistic sacrifice after becoming apprenticed to a Haitian sorcerer who practiced Palo Mayombe. At first, they were just animals, but pretty soon he began to think that only people could fuel his dark magic. It started with grave robbing and then became kidnapping and murder.

Many of Constanzo's clientele were drug dealers associated with the cartels in and around Mexico City. He tried to join one of them, believing his magic would be of great use to them, but they refused. So, he killed seven family members of that cartel and joined up with a different one. He bought a house in the desert where his cult followers would bring him new sacrifices, and all in all he had a pretty good evil wizard thing going for himself.

Then the cops came and shut him down, but not before one of his followers put a bullet in his head first.

Russell Williams

Russel Williams
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What? A crazy Canuck mass murderer? You’re joking! But it’s true, even Canada isn’t safe.

Williams had a lot going on. First, he’d break into young women’s houses to try on their neglige, taking pictures of himself and masturbating while the women slept. Then when that deviant behavior stopped getting his heart rate up, he decided to go full-on whack-job and started kidnapping and murdering.

Russel Williams
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After police arrested Williams as a suspect, they searched his home and found a photo album filled with thousands of pictures of him wearing stolen women’s underwear. They also found a video of him forcing one of the kidnapped women to pose in said underwear before he beat and murdered her.

After his conviction, the Canadian armed forces burned his uniform and every medal he’d earned over 23 years of service.


Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer
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We’ve had necrophilia, black magic and women’s underwear theft (and murder), what are we missing? Ah, cannibalism, of course.

Dahmer did it all - child molestation, assault, murder, but he was best known for the cannibalism. After killing his typically young, male, and gay victim, he’d either have sex with the body or just get to work cutting up the corpse and storing the cuts of meat in the fridge to eat later.  Sometimes he’d try to preserve the bones by coating them in enamel, and only reluctantly disposed of remains when they’d decayed too far to be useful. 

Dahmer was so disliked in prison that it didn’t take long for an inmate to bludgeon him to death with a metal pipe.


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