Khloe Kardashian Being Sued By Fashion Designer Destiney Bleu For Copying Work

An independent clothing designer, Destiney Bleu, who is known for her custom bedazzled lingerie and swimsuits, is suing Khloe Kardashian for blatantly copying her designs. She claims the Kardashian sister bought one of everything from Destiney’s clothing company, dbleudazzled, and then copied it all for Good American.

It was on 2 June 2017 when Khloe Kardashian tweeted out a video of her famous friends and sisters adorning her new denim and clothing line, Good American, with the hashtag #GoodSquad. While most of the Kardashian's fans were happy about the video, Destiney was not.

She soon retweeted Khloe’s tweet with a caption stating how Khloe had bought one of every item of clothing available on her company’s website, dbleudazzled, and even ordered custom clothes in December. Destiney assumed all the clothes were for Khloe; instead, Destiney was shocked when she saw one of the models in the video wearing an exact copy of her dbleudazzled clothing.

She also went ahead and tweeted pictures of clothes from Khloe’s brand Good American and her own clothing brand.

Destiney also claims that her stylist friends had already tipped her off about her designs being copied. She even emailed Khloe’s assistant but never heard back. She also went on to say that this is her livelihood and this is what helps her pay three rents and five employees. All of her clothes are handmade and to see her designs machine made and sold off in department stores without even getting paid is an insult. She also went on to say that she is tired of ‘non-creative’ millionaires who are trying to steal from hardworking indie designers.

When someone from Twitter asked Destiney if she needed legal advice, she proudly announced that her brand is already trademarked and she is all lawyered up. In Destiney’s words, she is not going to let this ‘snake sh*t’ slide.

While Khloe Kardashian, who posts several times a day on social media, has refused to comment on this whole controversy, her brand Good American has released a small statement stating the brand has not infringed on anyone’s intellectual property. They also mentioned they will go through proper channels to resolve the case.

The clothes are clearly identical, and the chances of Good American coming up with the exact same design as Destiney are extremely low. Now we just have to wait and see how much money the Kardashian sister will have to cough up for this.


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