Drunk Kevin Hart Kicked Off NFL Network During Super Bowl

Just like millions of Eagles fans Sunday night, Kevin Hart was totally wasted. Unlike millions of Eagles fans, Hart managed to get his drunken self on television. We’re not sure who was in charge of the NFL Network Post-Game Show, Sunday night, but the producers should never have allowed Hart to take the stage. We get it, it’s a live TV show, and you’re trying to create interesting content, but this dude was so insanely hammered he shouldn’t have gotten within a hundred feet of a camera.

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Instead, Hart was there, on television, and slurring so badly, that nobody could understand him. He was asked about Brady's fumble in the fourth quarter, and Hart’s response was completely incoherent. Actually, the only word he pronounced correctly was the f-word. That’s when the actor/comedian set the mic down on the desk, and Deion Sanders escorted him off the set.

That wasn’t the only time Hart was physically moved away from a camera. More footage surfaced of Kevin trying to ascend the national stage, as the Eagles were accepting the Lombardi Trophy. In this clip, from Twitter, you can see Hart approaching the stage, only to be stopped by a huge security guard, at least twice his size.


Maybe the root of the problem here is Hart’s size. The uber-successful comedian stands at a mere 5’4’’, 140 pounds. According to a national blood alcohol chart, the star is legally drunk after just three alcoholic beverages. After ten drinks, he’s considered at-risk for death. And the dude was acting like he guzzled down at least a 12-pack. This is not Hart's first bout with the bottle. He was arrested for driving under the influence in April 2013.

After embarrassing himself on live TV Sunday night, he wanted to apologize to the kids.Yes, Hart’s video exploits aren’t over yet. As reported on TMZ, Hart filmed a selfie video, telling kids not to drink. He said simply, “When alcohol’s in your system you do dumb stuff.” The video devolved into another drunken rant. He dropped a couple f-bombs and said, “The world can kiss my ass.” At one point, his friend informed Hart that he didn’t have any socks on, but the star didn’t care. “Fly Eagles Fly!” he yelled.

To most Philly fans, the important story here is that the Eagles finally won a Super Bowl. Hart is a true fan, born and raised in Philadelphia, who deserved a celebration. Other celebrity Eagles fans include Will Smith, Tina Fey, Pink, and Bradley Cooper. But evidently, they didn't party quite as hard.


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