Kendall Jenner Stands By Blake Griffin After He Was Spotted With Another Woman

Kendall Jenner Stands By Blake Griffin After He Was Spotted With Another Woman

Kendall Jenner is sticking with her man even after he was spotted with another woman two weeks ago.

Jenner was spotted courtside at the Staples Center on Wednesday as she cheered on her boyfriend, Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin. This despite reports that Jenner and Griffin’s relationship might be “cooling off”.

“Blake and Kendall have been cooling off recently, but they’re not officially broken up,” an anonymous source told People. The two have been seeing each other since August of last year, with Jenner routinely attending Griffin’s games.

The news of the Los Angeles power couple’s cooling comes hot on the heels of reports that Griffin was spotted with another woman two weekends ago.

Kendall Ratner
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Griffin was seen at Soho Malibu having dinner and drinks with another couple and a mysterious woman beside his side. “They were definitely giving off couple vibes,” another anonymous source said.


“At one point, she put her hand in his lap, where he held her hand there for about five to 10 minutes or so,” the source told People. “It was so subtle. They seemed very low-key together, and their holding hands looked entirely natural. They looked like they were really comfortable with each other, and they were definitely not calling any attention to themselves and the little bit of PDA that they shared.”

The identity of the woman still hasn’t been found, but it seems to not have bothered Jenner at all, still dutifully attending Griffin’s game as though nothing was amiss.

Jenner was seen wearing a newspaper print T-shirt from designer John Galliano and a pair of comfy faded jeans. Beside her was Michael D. Ratner, friend, producer, and basketball fan. The two shared snacks with Ratner having popcorn while Jenner enjoyed a pretzel.

Although Jenner cheered her best, the Clippers lost to the Celtics 113 to 102.

Kendall will be seen a lot more often than any mystery woman, as she’s recently appeared next to her entire family in a Calvin Klein ad campaign.


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