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Kendall Jenner Snaps Back At Bar Accusing She Doesn’t Tip

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Kendall Jenner Snaps Back At Bar Accusing She Doesn’t Tip

Via People

An online controversy was stirred after a New York Bar posted an image to Instagram purportedly showing that Kendall Jenner had skipped on the tip.

The image surfaced last week after the former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star showed up at the Brooklyn bar Baby’s All Right. After racking up a reasonable $24 tab in drinks, the model left without paying a tip, according to the bar.

The Instagram image was captioned “don’t forget to tip your bartender :)”.

It has since been taken down, but the image stirred up a hornet’s nest of commenters all bashing Jenner as just another cheap dilettante.

News of the firestorm eventually reached Jenner herself, where she responded on Twitter with “damn, I guess next time we won’t tip in cash”.

It’s hard to know who to believe in this spat. On the one hand, the massively wealthy celebrity welching on the tip fits with the stingy stereotype we all have for those far richer than us. On the other hand, maybe she’s just like everyone else and had a few bucks in her pocket to tip with.

Whatever really happened, it looks like the Baby’s All Right and Jenner have buried the hatchet as she was believed to be spotted at the bar Thursday night, when A$AP Rocky, rumored to be the model’s boyfriend, was playing.

Kendall Jenner Snaps Back At Bar Accusing She Doesn't Tip


This isn’t the first food related scandal to hit the social media darling. Several years ago the New York Daily News says she was eating at another restaurant when she walked out on the bill. The waitress caught up with Jenner before she could leave, who then got angry and threw money in her face. Jenner denied the incident, responding to accusations that she was “raised better than that.”


Later that same year, the model was spotted over-tipping at a West Hollywood restaurant, leaving $160 dollars on a $554 bill. It was a clear attempt to wash away the stain of the previous scandal with some well-publicized generosity, and it worked marvelously until now.

It may be time again to leave another fabulous tip. To those waiters and waitresses working in New York, keep an eye out for Jenner as she’s sure to make your night.

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