Kate Middleton Kicks Back With Children During Hospital Visit

Kate Middleton shines during her recent visit to London’s Great Ormond Street children’s hospital in London, England.

The Duchess, wearing a gorgeous orange Boden coat, paid a visit to a local hospital in London yesterday to meet some fellow patients. Upon arrival, Middleton was all smiles while being greeted by the local dignitaries and hospital executives. Although Middleton is often praised for her stylish outfits, it was her doing the admiring today. According to People Magazine, Kate Middleton was instantly caught by a young girl's sparkling silver shoes.

Ana Watt, who has been a patient at this London hospital, fighting cystic fibrosis since she was born, happily gave the Princess hospital teddy bears for her two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Princess Kate, who recently opened the Mittal Children’s Medical Centre at Ormond’s Hospital happily, chatted with nine-year-old Watt before entering the facilities playroom to speak with other patients and their families.


The event, which was celebrating the addition of the Premier Inn Clinical Building, will allow for more young patients to come to Great Ormond Street hospital for treatment in up-to-date facilities. The Royal, who spent time coloring with children and meeting the hospital staff, later took to the podium in the pressroom to speak in regards to the new opening.

After allowing the eager children to press the red button that commenced the ceremony, the Duchess of Cambridge spoke enthusiastically about the hospitals newest facilities and commented on how “it’s been wonderful to meet so many families and young people… I’ve been so inspired by their bravery and courage at such a difficult time". Middleton, who is expecting her third child with Prince William, made several other visits this week throughout London, including a visit to Bond Elementary School.

The Princess has taken on many duties since joining the Royal Family, along with a few of Queen Elizabeth’s positions as well, such as her engagement with the Wimbledon Junior Tennis initiative. The Princess seems to be doing it all! From being a Royal, a mother, and role model, we applaud Kate for all her hard work and commitment she has shown to many worthy causes.


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Kate Middleton Kicks Back With Children During Hospital Visit