Kanye West Surprises Paralyzed Fan With A Gift And Hand Written Note

American rapper Kanye West sent a paralyzed fan a pair of customized Yeezys after coming across the fan’s tragic story. The fan, Tyler Wesley, experienced a horrific accident five years ago that severely injured his spinal cord. Wesley was only 15-years-old when he broke his C-4 vertebrae on his neck, leaving him paralyzed below the shoulders.

Wesley posted a photo on Instagram in May to mark the fifth anniversary of his spinal cord injury with an emotional message. He wrote that a few years ago he would have never thought about being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Wesley isn’t ashamed of it and loves the spinal injury/disability community, and after hearing stories from disabled people from around the world, he learned never to give up and keep pushing, despite the situation in life. Wesley hopes that one day there is a cure for paralysis.

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Doctors said the young man could never walk, but Wesley defied all odds and can walk now with the help of his therapist and a walker. He was an aspiring athlete before the terrible accident.

West was moved by Wesley’s story and sent him a pair of customized Yeezy Boosts 350s along with an emotional note in which the rapper wrote that Wesley is an inspiration and shows the world that anything is possible.


On receiving the pair of shoes, Wesley took to Instagram and shared a photo and thanked Kanye for the surprise.

West hasn’t been in the limelight much this year, other than appearing on a few tracks. Fans are eagerly waiting for the album, King Push by Pusha T, which will be produced by the rapper. The production was earlier said to be done by Pharrell and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, though there’s no confirmation whether tunes of the legendary duo would be a part of the album.

The album was announced in 2014 and 85% of the work is already done. It was supposed to be released in spring 2015 but wasn’t for some unknown reasons.

In May 2017, West along with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, started a children’s brand, Kids Supply.

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