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Justin Bieber A Stalker?

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Justin Bieber A Stalker?

Via Daily Squat

The short answer is no, but Justin Bieber really likes the hit television show Bachelor In Paradise, more specifically, he likes one of the contestants on the show, Danielle Lombard. Lombard was part of a love triangle during the television series, which resulted in the banishment of Dean Unglert.

Bieber, who is now 23 years old, was caught by a fan throwing a heart out to Danielle Lombard on Instagram. Bieber’s actions are not the serial killer kind of stalking, just romantic trolling. Of course, almost everything Bieber does is being noted somewhere by some of his fans. We are sure Bieber has plenty of fans who stalk him as well.

Via Univision

Refinery 29 says that since the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise just aired, maybe Bieber decided it was a good time to make his play for Lombard. Or maybe Bieber is trying to create an opportunity for himself. Maybe he wants to become a reality television star. We can easily imagine the over-the-top ratings a show like Bachelor In Paradise would have if Bieber was on the program. We hope the show’s producers are taking note when they are making plans for the next season.


Via Pinterest

Besides liking Bachelor In Paradise, last year Bieber revealed that he watches The Bachelorette and posted a comment and photo on Instagram directed at Chad who was a participant on the show. Bieber was quoted as saying, “Good point Chad. Milk is delicious and yeah I watch The Bachelorette don’t judge me.” The Bachelorette had a three-hour long finale that aired in August 2017. Now that both shows are on hiatus, we wonder what the Bieber is going to do and who else might catch his fancy or that he might insta-stalk.

Bieber’s surprising cancellation of his world “Purpose” tour must have given him the free time to become a couch potato and scroll through Instagram or watch television shows. Perhaps if Bieber hooks up with Lombard, they can create their own reality television show called “Keeping Up With The Biebers.” That would make all the Beliebers very jealous. They still fantasize that they have a chance of finding their soul mate in Justin Bieber while is still unattached.

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