Jimmy Kimmel's Emotional Message About Son & the AHCA

Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, was off last week and fans wondered why. This week, in a 13-minute monologue on his first show back, Kimmel revealed that his newborn son had been born with a heart condition - and the late night host's retelling of the events proved to be a tearjerker for everyone (as well as an opportunity for the host to express his gratitude to everyone who helped his family along the way along with a pitch for the importance of the AHCA, known as Obamacare).

On Monday, Jimmy Kimmel had both good and dreadful news for everyone. His wife, Molly McNearney, gave birth to their second child, William John Kimmel, on April 21st. He said that the delivery was smooth and their son, whom they lovingly call Billy was born only after six pushes. He was a beautiful baby.

But only three hours after his birth, a very aware and attentive nurse could hear murmurs in his heart (which is actually normal for a newborn to have). However, Billy also appeared slightly purple in color. Immediate tests were done and it was revealed the newborn wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his heart.

Watch the full video of Kimmel below:

The talk show host explained further about his son’s congenital heart disease. His pulmonary valve was completely blocked and had a hole in the wall that separates the right and the left part of the heart.

After three days, Kimmel's son underwent open heart surgery at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Jimmy showed two photos of Billy, one before the surgery (when he had several tubes attached to his tiny body) and the other post-op photo, showing Billy’s goofy smile.

Since his son was born with a pre-existing health condition, which wasn’t covered in health insurances until Obamacare was introduced in 2014, Kimmel took the opportunity to remind viewers what newly elected president, Donald Trump and republican lawmakers were attempting to repeal.

The Republicans had proposed to cut off the $ 6 billion from National Institutes of Health budget. Ultimately, in spite of Kimmel's appeal and choice to bring his real-life struggle into the light in order to raise awareness for the AHCA, House Republicans passed a version of the bill that will repeal and replace Obamacare; though, the bill will likely go heavy reworking in the senate.

While Kimmel’s son will still need further surgeries when he gets older; for now, he is healthy and safe.

We congratulate Jimmy and his wife for their newborn and wish luck for his future surgeries.

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